Why is women's track & field more popular than women's weightlifting?
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Why is women's track & field more popular than women's weightlifting?
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reality check (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Honey, would you bring in a cord of firewood? And another keg of beer while you're at it. Thanks Babe.
While you're at it, (17 Aug, 2012)
A couple of hogs as well. You're looking peckish.
ThA-B (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
- Hello, we two would like to apply to pole vault section.
- Sorry, we have only one free spot remaining. Perhaps your friend can take that and we can offer you weighlifting. If you do great you both can ge to london in few years.
- Sure, why not.
Admiral Ackbar (16 Aug, 2012)
Don't do it! It's a trap!
but actually (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
nobody watches either sports. The best woman's sport is tennis.
Peter Griffin (17 Aug, 2012)
Because of the sounds they make.
gentlemen prefer blondes (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
While binge drinking
LogiC (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
While the weightlifter surely is "not too attractive" the men weight lifters aren't much better. I don't think there was a single neck on any weightlifter at the olympics.
yup, (16 Aug, 2012)
all too true
jack (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Does anyone know who's the first one?
LandLord (16 Aug, 2012)
Allison Stokke.
James Stokke (17 Aug, 2012)
Jack, the pole vaulter is my wife Allison. Thanks for paying attention to the internet for the past 5 years! Stupid.
TokedAndStokedForMore (19 Aug, 2012)
Hey, James. How stokked are you that your wife married a loser like you?
J.J. McClure (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Imagine if she took off some weight, she'd be able to lift 200kg more
Shirime (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Wow who is that goddess ?!!!
B flat minor seven (17 Aug, 2012)
...I don't know, some weightlifter.....
faroutman (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
BBC news update: 12 Olympic spectators were seriously injured today when one of the weightlifing hopefuls from the United States exploded during her silver medal attempt.
nashunti (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
nashunti (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Nick (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
that's only 125lbs. Why is that dude straining so hard to lift what is only maybe 20% of his body weight?
justmatt (16 Aug, 2012)
130 kilograms = 286 lbs + the bar
Unit of Measure (16 Aug, 2012)
Are you sure those are lbs. and not kilos?
2+2=5 (17 Aug, 2012)
Its actually 85kg's, made up of 2 x 25kg's 2 x 15kg's and 2 x 2.5kg's, and 10kg's for the bar making a total of 95kg's. At 2.2lbs per kg its 209lbs. I've kept it simple for our simple merican brethern. That USA 'er, she's your best looking woman she is.
Mama Gump (17 Aug, 2012)
Doing measurements in French just makes it hard on everyone.
nuh-uh (17 Aug, 2012)
2+2=5 is a douchepickle.
Bubba came along (17 Aug, 2012)
I see two 25's and two 15's. Cipher that up and it's 80Kg. 80Kg = 176.37 lbs.
DumboFromDuke (19 Aug, 2012)
@Unit of Measure: Cool thing about us dumb 'Mericans is that we learn both our system and metric. We can do both, convert between the two, and we have no qualms with either. We simply use our system because it's how we roll.
Dude. (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Zulfiya Chinshanlo - Check it.
llort (16 Aug, 2012) Reply
Must scroll back up, quickly!
KJ (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
Those two girls up top must be twins*.
*I realize that that is two photos of one person. I am only pointing out that there are two photos. Thank you.
Just a tip - (17 Aug, 2012)
When you explain your comment, it loses its cleverness/humor (if it has any). Just make it, and let any people who don't understand it look stupid when they try to "correct" it. You're welcome. ;)
NotMyRealName (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
One body-type excels at track. The other at weightlifting. Ever notice that the swimmers' bodies are almost all the same? That said, I'd pay good money to get into the track star's room, or out of the weightlifter's.
LogiC (18 Aug, 2012)
If you got into the top athlete's room she could run and you would never catch her. If you got into the bottom athlete's room she would give you the deathgrip of death and you would be unable to run.
NotMyRealName (18 Aug, 2012)
Thanks LogiC, but I was going to make her an offer she won't want to refuse.
the fanboy (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
what's the name of the hot one ??
I mean the one from the bottom, i know you little jokers !
Atheist Anglais (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
(visit link)
(visit link)
TheAwesome (18 Aug, 2012) Reply
Is it bad that the second picture scared me?
Funny, (18 Aug, 2012) Reply
when that's only 80 pounds plus the bar and her face is already that red...
psst, jedi (5 Sep, 2012)
that's 85 KILOGRAMS + the bar,.. that's in the neighborhood of 200 lbs
Salzigtal, pretending 2 B Old Guy (18 Aug, 2012) Reply
Old joke is old. I saw the Allison Stokke picture when I was Young Guy.
Gomer (19 Aug, 2012) Reply
DontWannaBurn (19 Aug, 2012) Reply
Yes but, which one can carry your drunk body out of your burning house along with your pets, your killer laptop, and your best white shirts with the Mr. B collar??
Ponder ye...
Putt Egg (25 Aug, 2012) Reply
Don Lolo (27 Aug, 2012) Reply
Yeah, I prefer the weightlifting
joe l'indien (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
now swap disciplines !
germany (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
(visit link) GERMANY
Dylan (1 Nov, 2013) Reply
Who's the track girl in meme
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