Isn't brain amazing?
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LandLord (14 Mar, 2012) Reply
That's why I visit this site from work.
Mr3 (15 Mar, 2012)
work shirker (14 Mar, 2012) Reply
everything deserves a break
Arnold (14 Mar, 2012) Reply
Disciplina and good working regime will end all your problems.
Just use 2 weeks to adjust yourself to intense 3-4 working period in mornings.
voila - now you can finish almost all your work till 12:00/ 13:00 o'clock.
Use the rest of the time to fap/ get promotions/ carry your own underground business within the company/ get chicks/ sue your boss/ play Starcraft/ pretend to work/ read comics/ eat
winterhog (14 Mar, 2012)
Alternatively, someone with well-working brain can always quit unsatisfying job and get another or start private business.
xcxc (14 Mar, 2012)
I want to see someone just suddenly start a busines slike that hah.
Cynical Sam (15 Mar, 2012)
Will it also cure the melting tongue problem?
Brainiac VI (18 Mar, 2012) Reply
"The problem with quotes on the internet is ascertaining their authenticity." - Abraham Lincoln
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