Cleaning my house
You can't explain this.
Cleaning my house
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Observer (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Not even the same room! Lame!
Yes, Exactly... (23 Jan, 2012)
That's the point. Stuff gets pack in and scattered about and it changes the whole room. This should have been a comment by Capt. Obvious.
Not Exactly (1 Feb, 2012)
No, that's not the point. Lame
Hmmm (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Not a fair comparison. As a rule people with art deco houses either dont have kids, or hire maids or nanny's. Or both.
Huh? (10 Feb, 2012)
That's not art deco. It fact that room is so style-free it might as well be a hotel room.
Captain notsoobvious (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
It's still a different room so not funny.
whatever (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
It's simple. Your problem is that you are a total slob.
97% slob (24 Jan, 2012) say slob likes it's a bad thing...
... (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
This might have been at least a little funny if the room had been the same.
Jelly (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
the bottom room def seems more interesting with thousands of stories everywhere. and theres pills
Brickhead (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
That's why rich people have slaves.
Juju (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
looks like my aunt Fatty's spooky locked bedroom! Nobody ever goes in, nobody ever came out.
Rambowl (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
The second room has never been cleaned.
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