The author of SOPA is a copyright violator
Busted! More about SOPA here:
The author of SOPA is a copyright violator
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Old Guy (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
He owns a camper trailer on the Red River too.
Butter (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
Maybe I have been watching Revenge of the Nerds too much but I am not going to listen to a guy named Lamar.
Skipweasel (20 Jan, 2012)
"That's Hedley"
(visit link)
balls (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
if its copyrighted, and its on this website then... yup, its shopped!
Congressional Watch (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
Congratulation to all those who oppose this idea. Now many more in congress oppose this than support it. The Senate is still in doubt but the House will not pass it, so it's dead unless. . .Barry O does some kind of executive order. He's already bypassed congress on number of things!
Fred Fnord (20 Jan, 2012)
...and 'Barry O', as you call him, already said that he would veto it in its current form.
I guess in your world that means that he wants it to pass?
@ Fred Fnord (20 Jan, 2012)
And his excellency, BARRY O, would NEVER lie...(choke)
rnd (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
The Lamer of the Internets.
sdsd (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
Doubt he owns anything on the site except the text information. So blame his hosts.
Also.. wow.. some people have no life at all. To track back a bg picture :D If SOPA displeases guys like this, I somehow am gaining attraction to that act
DSDS (20 Jan, 2012)
Newsflash, idiot: You can use image search engines to search for stolen images. This didn't take a lot of work. And, 2nd newsflash, hosts don't design and develop the actual websites. He probably hired a studio or person to do it. He may have even given them the image to use. Either way, any person who makes websites for a living should oppose SOPA. Maybe they put it there on purpose to show the irony.
winterhog (26 Jan, 2012)
How come you don't like people "with no life, who look for pictures on internet" and think of supporting SOPA, that will give such guys a power to fine or put someone out of business?
Also, read SOPA. You will know why it is so hilarious in the context.
I'm a Demmicrat! (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
This will never become a law unless it gets thru the demmicrat controlled Senate and the demmicrat Oshama signs it. So what are you worried about? Demmicrats (ahem) NEVER take the side of the powerful corporations in favor of the little guy, do they? Well do they? They don't, right?? Help me answer this... Anyone? (crickets)
Yawn (20 Jan, 2012)
Trying a bit hard, bud?
deathgod (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
look into his eyes... he has no soul!
dummycrats (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
Disgraced ex senator Chris Dodd is now a lobbyist for the Hollyweird movie industry. After ruining the economy, he now wants to censor the internet.
Double Yawn (21 Jan, 2012)
EUro (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
Is that a toupé?
As always those copyright nazis are unmasked as the biggest violators of their own laws. Happend to the music industry and other politicians and lobbyists too.
Pathetic hypocrites.
keeneye (20 Jan, 2012) Reply
the two photos dont even match up. someones telling porkies.
Dreeze (21 Jan, 2012)
What are you? Blind???
Hint: The image is wider than how it is shown on the website.
i take pikshurs (22 Jan, 2012)
it's called cropping
Pictures (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
How do you know he didn't buy a stock image?
If the image is a stock photo, and he bought it - you can legally display it without crediting.
winterhog (26 Jan, 2012)
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete from VICE allegedly contacted author of the photograph who confirmed that neither Lamar or authors of his page never contacted him (he sells his works by himself).
edza (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
5 years in prison, was it?
Noahlg (29 Jan, 2012) Reply
That hat brings out his eyes
Facepalm (29 Feb, 2012) Reply
So, Mr. Lamar, which part of prison do you find appealin, the food, or the company?
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