Eggs are unavailable
Why? Because of the unavailability.
Eggs are unavailable
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Damz (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
And just another lie has been added to my life.
Please... (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
...try the other location.
Evil (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
If eggs were sold on YouTube that's what you'd get.
mmm K (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
They are being very precise about the location.
Skipweasel (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
These are not the ovoids you are looking for.
eggiewegs (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
This sign is legit, someone bought the eggs and left the cartons.
Deathgod (24 Nov, 2011)
The cartons are full of BACON
qwed (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
oh, hi youtube!
Leclerc (24 Nov, 2011) Reply
No eggs here, move along ...
Crikey! (24 Nov, 2011) Reply
And I stock Eggs on behalf of the FBI front money laundering operation run out of Schenectedy NY on behalf of Israel with Hillary Clinton as my Boss. Some people call it Wal-Mart and I call it NWO-Mart but what evs~
I've been there (25 Nov, 2011)
It's spelled Schenectady.
gfdgdf (24 Nov, 2011) Reply
The fact that this sign was left up after the shelves were restocked, shows how even minimum wage is too much for some employees.
Actually, (24 Nov, 2011) Reply
The sign failed to specify that they were talking about ostrich eggs.
Egg Beater (26 Nov, 2011) Reply
Those aren't eggs in there, those are ______________ [insert witty comment].
LOL (11 Dec, 2013) Reply
The cartons are full of PAPER!
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