Dreamworks: always one step behind
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Lidicus (6 May, 2011) Reply
It is clear from this chart that Dreamworks is retarded.
Liberterius (7 May, 2011)
My Dreamworks must be retarded, I have CS4 and can't make anything like Ratatouille with it.. :(
mydge (6 May, 2011) Reply
I think both companies offer great movies, but Pixar hits the mark on creativity much more than DW.
Can't feel my tentacles (6 May, 2011) Reply
Oh Dreamworks! You so dumb!
Meepo (6 May, 2011)
I can't feel my tentacles either
toothless (6 May, 2011) Reply
How to train your dragon is the best one there.
das (6 May, 2011) Reply
The simple fact that Cars get 7.5 out of 10 shows how good is these voters judgement. That was one of the worst movies ever, much worse than Shrek Forever.
Ozhound (6 May, 2011)
Your argument is invalid, 100's of thousands of peoples votes think otherwise oh self absorbed internet-god that thinks their single opinion is gospel
real nice (7 May, 2011)
I know quite a few people (fully grown adults) who were obsessed with cars for a while.
Cars (8 May, 2011)
You probably think that because you don't understand the humor. Most petrol-heads appreciate Cars the movie.
TNT (6 May, 2011) Reply
idk.. I liked Madagascar a lot. More or le son the same level as Ratatouille.
Over the Hedge is cool, if you have seen the comic (they changed the premise, but it was nice to see characters and Bruce Willis is the raccoon!)
nemo and all bugs movies were lame.
Up! was good only the 1-st half.
hah.. I have never seen ANY Toy story movie. Weird.
AFD (6 May, 2011)
You haven't seen ANY Toy Story movie. Your argument is invalid.
Yeppa (6 May, 2011) Reply
Freakin' yeah how to train your dragon was right up there with pixar movies
Boo (6 May, 2011) Reply
Monsters, Inc. is so many times better than Shrek, this is embarrassing.
ICG (7 May, 2011) Reply
Oh come on, Monsters vs. Aliens was better than that! And the Ratatouille/Wall-E/Up trifecta, though good, wasn't better than HTTYD. And Antz was better than Bug's Life. Too easy on Pixar, too critical of Dreamworks. Fail.
Bob Monkhouse (7 May, 2011) Reply
Pfft! Antz > A Bugs Life
derpster (15 May, 2011)
LOL no way. Antz was a freaking joke.
El Guapo (7 May, 2011) Reply
How to train your dragon was the highest rated for DW, but it was NOT writen by them. It was written by C. Cowell. DW animation isn't horrible, its just that DW just needs to find better writers. Good writing = win.
test1 (9 May, 2011)
and stop making movies where the characters do stupid faces: (visit link)
Come on (31 May, 2011)
Dream Works Animation is excellent! I don't see how you can argue that they are visually on the top of their game, I mean really... come on now! This page is waaay too biased. Kung Fu Panda 2 kicked @$$ by the way... I hope you all were opened minded enough to go see this one, without comparing it to a freaking Pixar movie! I love animation, but this is kinda like the super bowl to you all, picking Pixar as your "team". Some of these comments are retarded!
Pixar (9 May, 2011) Reply
Antz>>>A Bug's Life
Haaannah (10 May, 2011) Reply
I completely loved Cars, but hated Up. So yeah...
patrick (10 May, 2011) Reply
didnt even know there were 2 separate companies making disney movies. i live under a rock.
Come on (31 May, 2011) Reply
Wow, I totally disagree. Out of all these films, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and Megamind are films that I never get tired of watching. Pixar movies as a whole bore me a little. And ah, Prince of Egypt? Hello? That was a pure masterpiece!
Daaggg (24 Jul, 2011) Reply
Really? Grown people arguing about which company makes better movies for children? Grow up, grow a beard and watch Dawn of the Dead or something...
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