Unwanted contact
I wonder what the consequences will be.
Unwanted contact
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Yeah, (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
Looks like a stalker to me.
. (7 Mar, 2011)
true, true
Cosmo Kramer (9 Mar, 2011)
son, i've been looking for you everywhere, why did you change your name
Shirime (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
He speakes mandarin ? Yeah, right, and I speak icelandic...
Noppie (7 Mar, 2011)
His girlfriend is from China.
sheesh (7 Mar, 2011)
it doesn't say he can speak mandarin chinese, it says he knows mandarin chinese. even more impressive, he hobnobs with royalty!
blurb (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
he is selling all of our information to companies, he has no soul...
Tom (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
I would go for "Inappropriate Profile photo" thing
me (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
charlie sheen (7 Mar, 2011) Reply
is missing the "is a giant douche" option
hm (8 Mar, 2011) Reply
Is that the guy who played in the Google movie?
Angry Father (8 Mar, 2011) Reply
Consequences will never be the same!
Soccer Tease Mother (9 Mar, 2011)
Nor truth...
josh (12 Mar, 2011) Reply
you guys are just jealous cause no matter how hard you work and no matter how long you work in your boring monotonous jobs you'll never be as rich and as successfull as that guy.
Daaggg (13 Mar, 2011)
But neither will you. So let us have some fun and get distracted from our miserable lifes.
Stubborn Basterd (19 Mar, 2011) Reply
wanted to submit on sight
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