Keeping it portable
Never again will you have to sacrifice power for portability.
Keeping it portable
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fds (2 Mar, 2011) Reply
Why is his pink shirt coming out of his jeans? idclip?
Just Sayin' (2 Mar, 2011)
Meebe that ain't his shirt...
Mancubus (2 Mar, 2011)
Probably. By the look on his face, he also just switched on iddqd.
Herman (2 Mar, 2011)
That is the little triangle on the zipper cover of those awesome designer jeans. I used to match mine with my shirt all the time.
333 (3 Mar, 2011)
becasue in 90s noone gave a shit, never listened to Bieber and walked with shirt hanging from their zipper. Becasue they were hardcore kids. We were hardcore kids.
Momo (2 Mar, 2011) Reply
Who cut his hair? Steveland Wonder?
omo (2 Mar, 2011)
@Momo: No, his barber was actually Raymond Charles.
N!D (2 Mar, 2011) Reply
so this makes a handheld battery powered games system portable?
Kurdong (2 Mar, 2011) Reply
Also, you'll lose the earphones.
bob (2 Mar, 2011) Reply
oh man acid wash so glad that is out
fat jesus (3 Mar, 2011) Reply
its not a purse but a European hand bag
thief (3 Mar, 2011) Reply
So it makes it easier for someone to snatch it
MrCrab (3 Mar, 2011) Reply
Now I have a strange urge to play some Dungeon Keeper : /
Omg (16 Mar, 2011) Reply
I had one xD
Coolll. That thing was purdy awesome :P
yeah (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
he looks very creppy :S
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