You either die a hero...
...or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
You either die a hero...
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Obvious (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
Hello Batman!!!
Notmyrealname (18 Feb, 2011)
I think it's Catman...
Notevenclosetomyrealname (18 Feb, 2011)
More likely it's FatCatman
Whatever (21 Feb, 2011)
More like Cartman.
APK (23 Feb, 2011)
@Whatever: Nice :)
Ginger (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
This cat has no soul, therefore, it is incapable of being a villain or a hero, as both classes require a personality, goals and people that care enough to hate or like them. Gingers have none of this.
Nirgge (19 Feb, 2011)
Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger.
TheTone (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
I knew it was a cat the whole time.
Looks like... (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
Somebody's trying to be a Joker... :)
Letter to the Editor (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
Does Eatliver post show felines in right light?
cat hater (18 Feb, 2011) Reply
cats are rarely funny, this one is with the majority.
Sara (19 Feb, 2011) Reply
Cut back on the Big Mac Friskies there Mr Cat
Hey - (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
Is that E.T. in the second picture...?
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