S.R. Monza karate school ad
Because the ultimate purpose of martial arts is to destroy furniture.
S.R. Monza karate school ad
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senseless_guy (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
Breaking a plank will surely fend off those attackers...
Notmyrealname (17 Feb, 2011)
"Board no fight back", said originally by Bruce Lee and later by Yang Sze. A truism, but ignores the fact that tamashi wari is a confidence-building exercise. Sometimes used by the foolish as an exercise in intimidation, it was never intended to have any self-defense application. Having said that, this ad is very creative. I obviously need a better guy to do my advertising copy...
Clod (18 Feb, 2011)
Turn the board 90 degrees and do it. Then I'll be impressed.
Bruce lee (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
I hate ikea.
Chuck N. (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
Just say "no" to cracks...
yeah (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
tough heads
Enter The Dragon (17 Feb, 2011) Reply
Boards don't hit back!
Peter Andre (17 Feb, 2011) Reply
They look as if my ex wife has sat on them all.
Marketing101 (17 Feb, 2011) Reply
This to me is an example of a good ad. It's simple, gets it's point across quickly and is humorous. Marketing guys take note.
Miyagi (23 Feb, 2011) Reply
I guess they got a little board.
ding (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
first glance I saw a Fat Camp ad
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