Baby, baby, baby, oooh
Let me ask you a question, Justin...
Baby, baby, baby, oooh
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raaw (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Oh no, you hurt its feeling
Giblet (16 Feb, 2011)
it's feeling?
You mean HER feelings
raaw (16 Feb, 2011)
Justin (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Simon, do you know what a nose-hair trimmer is?
suave and debonaire (14 Feb, 2011)
I letz my nose hairs grow xtra long then I braid 'em. Drives the wimenz crazy!
A Woman (14 Feb, 2011)
If you are rich enough and famous enough most women can deal with a little nose hair, but for the average guy who does not have millions to spend impressing a woman, he damn well better practice good basic hygiene.
D: (21 Nov, 2011)
NO NO NO Never ever ever trim your nosehairs, youll regret it forever. FOREVER. If you absolutely must remove yourself of some, pluck them. DO NOT CUT THEM!
Ellen (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Wait, is Justin wearing... ear plugs? Gosh, I guess his music is so bad that even he doesn't want to hear it!
Clod (15 Feb, 2011)
Hearing problems in singers and band members is commonplace. He probably wears them to prevent degraded hearing later.
Start (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Wearing gloves to hold a microphone? You yanks are soft!
LandLord (13 Feb, 2011)
Bieber is Canadian.
Politically Incorrect (14 Feb, 2011)
Yankland, Canada, Mexico, same thing... still overseas
ttt (14 Feb, 2011)
All cool bands and musicians come from of live in UK. Everyone knows that. ACDC, Queen, Elton John. I bet even Michael Jackson was a Brit in heart, just was too affraid to admit it.
dsa (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Yay, one more pic about justin bieber on eatliver! shall we change the name of the site?
oh noes (14 Feb, 2011)
hmm (16 Feb, 2011)
half-baked, please.
tnt (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
aaaw... it's not his fault he's a miscondomed child :(
Cartman (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
Blame Canada, blame Canada!
Dr Phil (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
You need to do something about that excessive build up of ear wax JB.
Umm... (15 Feb, 2011) Reply
Lots of costume changes...
Hop (15 Feb, 2011) Reply
Leave Justin Bieber alone. She's a talented and pretty young lady..!
ashley (15 Feb, 2011)
leave him alone he is hott and cute and nice to other people!
Yeah, (16 Feb, 2011)
Leave it alone. Forever alone... ;)
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