Want a bite of my sandwich?
Say what? You're stuffed? BWAHAHAHA!
Want a bite of my sandwich?
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B (19 Jul, 2010) Reply
Love it cuz I get it ..
Enlightened Juan (19 Jul, 2010) Reply
It's funny coz they kill the animals, then put sawdust in the animals, then stand them up like they were still alive, then make sandwich jokes. This is the reason aliens refuse to make contact with us.
Remedios (19 Jul, 2010) Reply
HA. Oh god that's great.
David (19 Jul, 2010) Reply
Best Web Comic Ever!
Chuckles (22 Jul, 2010) Reply
Cmon, going from ridiculous to outrageous is always hilarious
the flower king (23 Jul, 2010) Reply
Looks like that wolf really...*Puts on glasses*..
feels stuffed..
R (2 Aug, 2010) Reply
i just lold at my workplace a bit too lowd. best thing ever.
Kody (28 Sep, 2010) Reply
Funniest thing I've ever seen. Swear to god.
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