Twitter you say?
The present is retarded.
Twitter you say?
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facto (26 Feb, 2009) Reply
Yes... yes they are.
Psymn (26 Feb, 2009) Reply
Imagine if telephone was invented AFTER texting or chat? "Dude, what are you using that old texting stuff for. They have this new thing where you can just dial one simple number, no passwords or loggin in, and you can talk directly with the other person... You can actually hear their voice, it is so realistic. And when you LOL, they can hear you! Its AMAZING!!!"
LOLing in quadrophonic sound (26 Feb, 2009)
that's funny!
LOLing (26 Feb, 2009)
of course - technically the telegraph DID come before the phone, & people were pretty amazed at it.
o2q (26 Feb, 2009)
this is one of the best comments i've read so far bravo!
Springbok (26 Feb, 2009)
Over here, cost of a telephone call > cost of sms | IMing
LOL (27 Feb, 2009) Reply
Jig (27 Feb, 2009) Reply
Bad News (4 Jun, 2010) Reply
Surprise, people were always retarded, it's just that until recently most of them lacked the technology to make that fact clear to people who don't even know them.
Artemis (10 Aug, 2011) Reply
Yes. Yes we are.
LadyJam (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?