Piracy is environmentally friendly
The Earth is not a trash can. Don't litter it with garbage.
Piracy is environmentally friendly
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sweet. (28 Dec, 2008) Reply
i think i agree.lol
Smooch (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
wow haha
kuppa (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
right on!! hahaha
Meow Knee (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
Yes its very green and rebellious. Love the feathers !!!
Helena (1 Jan, 2009) Reply
Haha, that's true.
dude (4 Jan, 2009) Reply
lol cool
Brandon (5 Jan, 2009) Reply
Ha ha I like that.
basement cat sez: (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
i totally ageez on teh subjekt. green iz betaah.
cap'n (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
downlaoding? really?
strawberryxellos (29 Jan, 2009) Reply
lovin it
Steph (12 Feb, 2009) Reply
haha so true :)
blah (15 Feb, 2009) Reply
GrammarNazi (5 Mar, 2009) Reply
* environmentally * downloading KThnxBaai
Katie (8 Mar, 2009) Reply
You haven't factored in the generation of all the elec-ma-tricity that is needed to run those super-duper servers that hold all the downloadables. Not to mention all the computer bits that end up being dumped. Life cycle analysis of both alternatives required here please...
Doc (10 Mar, 2009) Reply
Thats why the great spagetti monster charged all pirates with the duty of fighting global warning.
nymcast (17 Apr, 2009) Reply
that's right .... cool!
zombie (25 May, 2009) Reply
haha, good one
neko (1 Jun, 2009) Reply
oh lol this is genius xD
josh strange (3 Jun, 2009) Reply
Man, thats a good idea, why dont we all just do that??
vig (16 Jul, 2009) Reply
Ian (28 Jan, 2010) Reply
The Internet is responsible for approximately 2% of all CO2 pollution alone.
Luvit (12 Feb, 2010) Reply
OH, how beautifully true! Back to TPB!! =)
Cj (8 Sep, 2010) Reply
the right one (19 Nov, 2010) Reply
WOW ! I think i am helping to our planet every minute of every day !
unkowned (10 Dec, 2010) Reply
so true =p
StompyChar (25 Jun, 2011) Reply
So Downlaoding games is legal where Downloading is not? Damn you justice system for being so crafty!
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