iPhone vs. stone
Stone wins anyways. It's cheaper.
iPhone vs. stone
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jj (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
pepe (24 Jan, 2009) Reply
absolutely Stone is the best
a7v8xx (3 Mar, 2009) Reply
loooool..... nice thing 4 playing, but not as a serious mobile phone...
wardie (8 Mar, 2009) Reply
its given away free in japan with contracts because no one wants one.. all the phones out there have much better features
Oizaro (16 Mar, 2009) Reply
who is the genius who did the comparison? I'd just have put a few hundred missing features in the list... but it still is genius :)
3mikey1 (26 Mar, 2009) Reply
Hey... iPhone OS 3.0 (coming in summer) WILL have MMS! OH, YEAH!
Youh Mamma (27 Apr, 2009) Reply
The stone is cute :)
shave31 (26 May, 2009) Reply
Awww. Cute stone ^_^
chr0 (28 May, 2009) Reply
joe (11 Jun, 2009) Reply
You forgot changeable Batteries
MarkelH (11 Jun, 2009) Reply
I think, that you ACTUALLY CAN TOUCH THE STONE..., we can then call the front side a "SCREEN", and iStone is definitely cheaper (if you know, where to look...)
dsgasg (13 Jun, 2009) Reply
They forgot to add "Forwarding text" haah I have an iphone.
Z (11 Jul, 2009) Reply
There is much much MUCH more to modern technology than (apparently) some people know. For instance, check out the latest in reusable energy sources and be amazed at the archaic breakthroughs of the iPhone. We are MUCH further along than most everybody thinks.
Jon-Paul Chartier (23 Jul, 2009) Reply
Now thats funny
straycat (26 Jul, 2009) Reply
ha-ha-ha!!! meow. incredibly accurate.
geli (9 Sep, 2009) Reply
Unbreakable:Stone [V] iPhone [X]
So we got a drawn actually... haha
iPhoneKing (19 Feb, 2010) Reply
I got the iPhone (no, not handy) and it´s just the best.
all haters who cant afford it should get a job, or so!
It´s still the best handy and apples´s will always be, fo sure!
But the Picture if funny tho xDD
FBRD (21 Apr, 2010) Reply
smart shopper (1 Nov, 2010) Reply
i have a stone!!!
Blarg (14 Nov, 2010) Reply
Sven (17 Feb, 2011) Reply
iGotNoiPhone (16 Apr, 2011) Reply
The Stone is much better than iPhone.
who cares (27 Jul, 2011) Reply
olllddd. irrelevant
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