Apple vs. Dell
...and then your webcam breaks.
Apple vs. Dell
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Pero (14 Jan, 2009) Reply
Figglet (22 Feb, 2009) Reply
i love the ignorance of PC users. the built in webcam on my imac broke ages ago. but i didn't do what the braindead PC users would have. which is take the entire thing in for repair. i did what anyone with a brain would do. i bought a 30$ webcam and plonked it down on top of my imac.
ivey (31 Aug, 2009)
haha nice sugar packet fix.
umm (11 Feb, 2013)
you just salted your own wound bub...
Einstein (22 Feb, 2009) Reply
How often does a webcam break? Is it worth living with the rats nest just in case?
rob (22 Feb, 2009) Reply
Except, of course, that you should be comparing the imac to the Dell XPS One.
apples & oranges (22 Feb, 2009) Reply
fortunately apples rarely break..
DuHH (19 Mar, 2009) Reply
Fine, so Apple will just repair it for free, and you can bring it to a store IN PERSON. None of this "shipping back to Dell headquarters and wait 2 weeks" stuff. Plus, you can install Windows on an iMac no problem.
DeRP (11 Feb, 2013)
so you've never dealt with apple's customer service? they don't repair anything for free, the store is there for obvious reasons: selling the product. they usually don't know a thing about internal specifics and you can indeed install windows on a mac easily... by using a third party software not licensed or endorsed by apple. (see also; warranty void)
Vain Pig (6 May, 2009) Reply
Just buy a laptop, for Gods sake...
mac (13 May, 2009) Reply
when have a mac ever been on top of a benchmark? that is unless someone hacked it and installed windows on it.
Truth (6 Dec, 2009) Reply
Windows suck and Mac users are Losers!
omg (11 Mar, 2010) Reply
Stop raging guys, everyone of us should be able to decide for themselves.
MacHasNoGames (13 Jul, 2010) Reply
Hey Mac, wanna' come play Crysis with me, or the crappily ported GTA IV... ooooh how aboot Wa- oh wait! You can't because you're on a Mac :3
WOO (30 Sep, 2010) Reply
Linux is better than either.
omg (23 Oct, 2010) Reply
mac is darwin based aka bsd aka unix clone aka why overpay for a free operating system
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