The Soviet-Finnish Winter War
The Finns fought the Soviet Union in an epic struggle for Karelia, the outcome of which can only be called miraculous.
The Soviet-Finnish Winter War
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unnamed (14 Feb, 2009) Reply
finlad spent its 15 years war budget on fortifying that piece of land where the war was fought
UR MOMMA (12 May, 2009)
hrehre (8 Apr, 2009) Reply
Poland had gr8 succeses too
dww (1 Jun, 2009) Reply
That was the place where russians learned to fight in hard conditions = win over Hitler in Stalingrad.
6490650ff (22 Jul, 2009) Reply
yeaah i'm from finland!!!!
Mysterious Visitor T (22 Aug, 2009) Reply
So that's why Patrick yelled "FINLAND!" when hit on the head with a sand bowling ball-to remind himself to stay tough!
Reprah (11 Jan, 2010) Reply
NONSENSE (visit link)
mheh (1 Feb, 2010) Reply
fake :/ but still funny.
Olavv (17 Apr, 2010)
its not fake....
Vroteier9 (11 May, 2010) Reply
True war, happened right after Russia defeated Poland, although the numbers a a bit wrong. Plus Finland had Simo (visit link) on their side^^
Russian (17 Dec, 2010) Reply
They just had to give this piece of land away without fighting. Stalin needed it with purpose
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