Relative prices of different liquids
Note to self: refill ink cartridges with blood.
Relative prices of different liquids
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meh (7 Jan, 2009) Reply
kinda interesting, but your printer ink isn't used up by the gallon/pint/whatever, so woopty do that $.70 goes a long time.
j13 (2 Feb, 2009) Reply
the graph is per mili-liter not "gallon/pint/whatever" so it doesn't go all that far
wow (13 Feb, 2009) Reply
It is 3786 ml equals one gallon. So 1 gallon of hp ink is $3028.80. That's damn expensive.
Clod (12 Aug, 2009) Reply
Gasoline? Pepsi?
JC (7 Jul, 2010)
Those are both liquids, yes.