Highschool Tekken
Giba versus Diego and Danilo. Some people have too much time on their hands.
Highschool Tekken
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THChris604 (8 Jan, 2009) Reply
great xD
ZomBie (31 Mar, 2009) Reply
AnonAnon (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
A must try.
Cristian (20 Jun, 2009) Reply
Finish him!
the answer isn't 3 (8 Aug, 2009) Reply
McLupus (7 Oct, 2009) Reply
...too bad they didn't erase some life between the pics...
Hippy (16 Dec, 2009) Reply
Violence never solves anything.
solvent (14 Jun, 2011)
I solve many things
Violence (22 Feb, 2012)
Hey, who's talkin' about me?
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