Build your own powered model aircraft
Take razor blade, matches, glue, and...
Build your own powered model aircraft
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Canaduck (23 Jan, 2009) Reply
That's cruel and gross.
Ak47 (8 Feb, 2009) Reply
I'm going to try that, but i'm going to use 10flys
Sweet and Sour Bacon (28 Jul, 2009) Reply
Man's first attempt at aviation ...
:D (12 Aug, 2009) Reply
god has sent us this glorious invention
LOL (21 Sep, 2009) Reply
epic, Boeing should buy this idea for big bucks
The Lordy Al3ks (22 Oct, 2009) Reply
I hope no one ever attempts this. No living creature deserves such cruelty.
Zarg The Misfit (25 Dec, 2009)
That's what God put flies on the Earth for. That and squashing.
mani joban (30 Sep, 2010) Reply
what if you are in place of flies
Kem (9 Nov, 2010)
It would be pretty boring, since I can't fly at all.
Clod (21 Nov, 2010) Reply
A very entertaining use for flies.
dukeoftheflies (14 Jun, 2011) Reply
flies r evil and annoying, this is quite appropriate
dkads (7 Jul, 2011)
Well What if u were the fly? would you like to be permanently glued to a wooden thing? We are not superior to them; they have a life and feelings too. God gave them life, let them use it.
Daaggg (20 Sep, 2011)
No. In fact, we are superios to flies, and they do not have feelings. Flies have a short term memory of about half a second, and are definitely not capable of feeling emotions or pain.
does it work ??? (28 Jun, 2011) Reply
sounds strange
Physics (7 Sep, 2011)
It should work... If not with four, definitely with five
Karma Chameleon (9 Sep, 2011) Reply
For additional fun, put the plane on fire!
Kamikaze flies!
Anonymous (6 Mar, 2012) Reply
Flies only live one day.
important comment (5 Aug, 2012) Reply
the flies won't coordinate very well so they'll probably crash :)
Fly (13 Oct, 2012) Reply
It won't fly since the down draft of the flies wings will hit the match and push it down with the same force the flies get pushed up. Won't move at all.
Tigranes (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
That is just sick and cruel. Gluing Flies as engines. How do you know that they are happy?! They will die as soon as they realize they cannot move. They have their own lives they have to attend to. This is just wrong. Everything that lives and breathes has a life and feelings. They should not be tampered with for your own sick and cruel twisted ways. Leave them alone. Believe it or not, ALL living things feel pain. Not just us "Superior beings."
Good God
HAS A BRAIN (9 May, 2013)
Tigranes obviously knows nothing about how the brain works. Fly's brains do not have many of the parts that our brain has, meaning they do not perceive ANYTHING the way we do, so pain, fear, hatred, and going insane would not happen with the fly as it would a human. You're stupid and God isn't real. If he is he probably doesn't love you since you're judging your fellow people. RANT OVER.
Dr. Jimmy Rustles P.H.D. (24 Apr, 2013) Reply
This is the most beautiful creation i have ever seen, and i plan on scaling it up with butterflies and eventually, if it works, geese
Y-me (23 Dec, 2013) Reply
This is great! I'm gonna try it. Only with the neighborhood kids and glue 'em to my car. I'll really MPG then!
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