Serious questions. Syriaous answers.
Made by Pablo Stanley.
Serious questions. Syriaous answers.
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bill posters (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Let's not look at Syria, because Obama got problems. Seriously?
LandLord (10 Sep, 2013)
Twerking is a serious issue.
EUro (11 Sep, 2013)
American logic. *lol*
Cheap republican cartoon. The US would have those problems anyway. With or without Obama. Maybe worse. :-)
As long as the US a a two-party dictatorship, nothing will change. America needs real democracy and more parties.
The Man (11 Sep, 2013)
There are many political parties in the US. None of them are ever going to be as influential as the two main parties (except for a short period of time, perhaps). Things aren't going to change.
punani (14 Sep, 2013)
Euro I think you better take a look at who drew this. Obviously not Republican.
LogiC (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
The debt ceiling isn't an issue for America as long as their currency is used by the world bank. They can just print more money with no repercussions to it. I think I read somewhere that "obamacare" actually saves the government money. Also if Romney got elected you can bet all these issues would still be there and the US would have gone into Syria on like day 2 of his presidency.
The worst part about Obama is that he is basically republican, like they were 15 years ago, and you guys have no real middle-left representation in the US any more.
Anon (10 Sep, 2013)
Good you're so *knowledgeable* [/s] about America. Glad you don't live here.
<I>"They can just print more money with no repercussions to it."</I> On top of which, you display a PROFOUND ignorance of economics.
<I>"Also if Romney got elected...the US would have gone into Syria on like day 2 of his presidency."</I> I'm not sure: are you Monday Morning Quarterbacking or just Crystal Ball DELUSIONAL?
<I>"The worst part about Obama is that he is basically republican...."</I> Thanks for showing everyone how little you understand of politics, American or otherwise. Fascistic Statism has NOTHING to do with Republicans, but rather EVERYTHING to do with today's Democrats.
Lenartalot (10 Sep, 2013)
I agree. It is also a bit dodgy to blame his term of presidency for the whole crisis as it was in the making for some time. He got handed some bad cards. Dont make him a scapegoat. And diverting attention is the way things get done now. It is the same in research. The "most alarming" field gets the funding :)
History repeats itself (10 Sep, 2013)
Look up the Weimar Republic, or Zimbabwe for that matter, if you think just printing more money has no repercussions.
Anon Is Not Bright (10 Sep, 2013)
President Obama is borderline middle-of-the-road. Compared to the wackos the GOP put out there last year, Obama does look very liberal, but he isn't. Ironically, President Reagan was borderline middle-of-the-road, too. People like Sarah Palin who speak highly of Reagan are too stupid to know this.
Trollolol (11 Sep, 2013)
@History repeats itself: learn to read. They can just print more money with no repercussions AS LONG AS their currency is used by the world bank.
B. Obama (11 Sep, 2013)
Today I learned that interest is not a repercussion. I also learned that LogiC believes everything he reads, especially if he can't remember it very well. Furthermore, I learned that if interest spikes, there's no way that the world would ever stop trading in US currency because of reasons.
In related news the guy that forced socialized health care on America is a moderate, middle of the road kind of guy. Why is this so? Also because of reasons.
Mo money, mo money, mo money (11 Sep, 2013)
Savings and retirement accounts are up in smoke as I type.
Anon (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Sunny says, "SQUIRREL!" >>> (visit link)
Gravdigr (10 Sep, 2013)
Fifteen seconds into that, and I was contemplating suicide.
Anon's Mom's Boyfriend (10 Sep, 2013)
Politics aside, that was not good. To each is own and I am sure I like some rotten stuff, but that chick is borderline talentless. The best part was at the end when she said we can subscribe or donate. Donate?!?
Gravdigr (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Would Syriaesque be more correcter?
Hey Pablo (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Use more purple on his lips.
Juice Weekly (10 Sep, 2013)
From all the grape juice right?
P. Snick (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Are we in enough wars yet?
How many more wars will China lend us the "money" for?
euroCRACK (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
oh anon, you seem to understand economics really well. you are not saying anything about romney. just throwing big words out there, like "CRYSTALBALLDELUSIONAL". monday morning quarterbacking? seriously what the hell is that supposed to mean? please dont explain if you have to tell me any details about handegg.. get yourself some professional help. or just invent that time machine and go to nazi germany, that seems to be what you want. heil?
Trollolol (11 Sep, 2013)
@euroCRACK: you got it all wrong. Anon wants to work at a Columbian sweatshop. No state police, no public healthcare, probably even no taxes. It's just paradise!
Lulz (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
It is so funny how he fails. Wants that war so badly. Poor guy, had to sell his nobel prize. Is embarassed by Putin ON AND ON AND ON.
Enter 300 here: (11 Sep, 2013)
Does the Nobel Peace Prize have a revocation protocol? After Obama got cut off from bombing yet another country by Putin the committee should be able to take it away from Obama and give it to Putin.
No mas (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
0bama just surrendered to Russia. Forward!
Succint (12 Sep, 2013)
As Dave Burge put it, Putin is basically doing donuts in Barry's front yard.
Zelda (14 Sep, 2013) Reply
Because Miley's butt is more important than 100,000 dead Syrians.
Merry Hobb (14 Sep, 2013)
Alah and William Ayers will sort them out in the end.
Betty (14 Sep, 2013) Reply
R.C. (16 Sep, 2013) Reply
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