If you are reading this...
This will keep you busy for 1.2 seconds.
If you are reading this...
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LandLord (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
It actually kept me busy for 5.3 seconds. I demand that this picture be taken down immediately because it's full of filthy lies!
Weatherman (6 Sep, 2013)
What's next? Will you demand me to be taken down next?
Anon (6 Sep, 2013)
LandLord isn't entertaining for 2 seconds. Take him down.
Factoid (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Hsnce the word "salary". True story bro.
Hemmorhoid (6 Sep, 2013)
You're really worth your salt. Bro.
Dood (6 Sep, 2013)
Your pun assaulted my mind, bro.
Roid Rage (6 Sep, 2013)
I have anger management issues.
The Incredible Hulk (7 Sep, 2013)
testing (7 Sep, 2013) Reply
And you could even check whether it is real money by licking it! Try that with a $20 bill.
Dateless Joe (7 Sep, 2013) Reply
aw man, now I'm on my own...
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