Goodbye, cruel world!
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Wolverine (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Hey're doin' it wrong.
Zeus (6 Sep, 2013)
It's the way L Ron approves.
I don't know (6 Sep, 2013)
Maybe this is the official Scientology method for suicide?
It takes a bit longer but what is he going to do about it?
S.N. (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
If katie had been a guy he would have done it right...
LogiC (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Scientology solution- complete denial of that person's existence and paying for more "auditing". It's what they actually do!
Brainman (6 Sep, 2013)
Of course they do. Only stupid people are religious.
Trollolol (8 Sep, 2013)
Isaac Newton was stupid. Yup. Can I hear what part of everyday physics and/or mathematics have you discovered? Oh, I thought so.
@braindead (8 Sep, 2013)
If only we could think of a religious person smarter than you... I was going to make one of the massive lists of geniuses who are religious but decided you're too dumb to be aware of such a thing and thus I was about to try to inform a committed ignoramus.
faroutxenu (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
That's it Tom, you're out of the club. And I'm afraid I'm going to need your magic decoder ring back.
Dear Tom Cruise (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Katie who?
But... (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
That looks like Luke Wilson...
But...but (6 Sep, 2013)
it's Steve Carell
Is this a rule? (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Always print full name on breakup letter? So that the audience will know who the comic is meant to be about even if it isnt obvious because of the crappy art?
Anon (7 Sep, 2013) Reply
Cue 7/8 Tempo funeral dirge
DUM dun da da DUM dum
da da
DUM dun da da DUM dum
da da
di di doo
di di doooooooo
di di dooooo da da...
Just Sayin' (8 Sep, 2013) Reply
"Dear Tom Cruise" indicates that the artist did not trust their own artwork and knew we would not recognize the character as Tom Cruise.
Weak Sauce (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
It's funny 'cuz he did that in a movie back in the day. Heh.
Mr Kelso (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Why did the South Park kids get him to come out of the closet?
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