9% of Americans who are in favor of bombing Syria
Source: madmagazine.com
9% of Americans who are in favor of bombing Syria
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The Rest of the World (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
What about two more pictures: 1) christian nutcases slapping their bibles and saying the great tribulation is upon us with a hard-on for rupture. 2) fat, stupid americlaps chanting "USA#1" and "Turrrrests haet our frreedums" and stuffing their ugly faces with HFCS loaded donuts and soda whilst having american idol playing on the TV.
Anon (2 Sep, 2013)
You give the rest of of the world a bad name for being so stupid:
it is we Conservatives who criticize OBoy for seeking war as a diversion ("wagging the dog", just like Clinton)...
...only this time with much more serious consequences.
Go whine and moan about the Leftists who used to be "anti-war" (in reality, only anti-Bush hypocrites), and are suddenly filled with silence and amnesia.
KBC (2 Sep, 2013)
Worry not, they will reply here in stead
But.. (2 Sep, 2013)
I think they left those out because those always in favor anyway unless it explicitly states it's bad for Christians or America..
The Man (2 Sep, 2013)
The USA is number one. It's science. Deal with it.
@Anon (3 Sep, 2013)
You Conservatives are in no way better. But remember: democracy means you have the choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Therefore all of the American political class are evil devious bastards or retarded idiots. Well it's not much difference in the other countries. But America ist always a step ahead, being the root of all evil.
@ Resst of the world (5 Sep, 2013)
Does your brain not tickle when pouring out that much irony? Don't like America? Get off the internet!
Bulis (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Allies bombed the shit out of Kadafi, and judging from the fact that in Libya is not a single allied soldier and nobody suspects them of using chemical weapons on civilians, I would say Libya turned out better then Syria.
Eek! (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Red line! Red line! Red line!
Let me be absolutely clear (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
0bama does not like secular Islamic countries like Egypt, Libya, or Syria. 0bama only wants fundamentalist Islamic countries like Iran.
Trurl (2 Sep, 2013)
Egypt wouldn`t have stayed even slightly secular for much longer, the Muslim Brotherhood was quickly turning it into a new (bigger) Iran. Some of the laws the Brotherhood were proposing includes some especially tailored to suppress civil society organizations, especially human rights organizations, lowering the age of marriage for women to 13 (and proposing a later change to 9).They have also proposed to make it illegal to NOT perform female genital mutilation on young girls.
Many who voted for Morsi because they wanted change, any change, from the old regime, are now having second thoughts about it as the Egyptian society is collapsing. The economy has crashed, crime is skyrocketing, social services have shut down. He would not have had any chance to win another democratic election, but of course there never would have been another of those, just elections Iranian style.
The same thing happened in Algeria in the 90`s: The Islamists won the election, but were stupid enough to announce the end of democracy in the country before they made the actual takeover, so the military intervened. Sure, life in Algeria is all but great, but probably not bad compared to what it could have turned out under strict Sharia law.
Pretty shortsighted of you to blame Obama for not liking secular Islamic countries, it was actually Bush who attacked one of those countries (Iraq), and prepared the ground for the fundamentalists. Obama hasn`t done anything like that yet.
tl,dr: Maybe you should get a passport and go see for yourself how the world is outside America, instead of trusting Faux News all the time.
turmus (3 Sep, 2013)
@Trurl: You forgot weapons of mass destruction, releasing fatwa for beheading of Salman Rushdie, hiding Bin Ladin, and some others that I cannot remember right now. Do your job right.
Trurl (3 Sep, 2013)
Well, I have to admit that my post turned into a long rant. But surely, even if you meant to be sarcastic, you could have come up with something better than that? I`ll be an *** and take your points seriously:
WMD - at that time a hoax, just a bad excuse to pick a fight. Result: Happy Islamists.
Hiding Bin Laden: Afghanistan/Pakistan. Not much hope for any of them, Afghanistan will be the last country on Earth to get out of the middle ages (if ever), and Pakistan isn`t that much better, there are people who want the country to move forward, but they tend to get assassinated pretty quickly.
As for the fatwa, it was issued by Iran, a theocracy for more than three decades. Still I would give Iran a better chance for the future than many other Muslim countries. They have a young and reasonably well educated population that will only get harder for the priests to control, so thumbs up for them.
This was originally about Syria, before we branched off into Egypt and you brought in the whole region, so I`ll end by claiming that Obama bombing or not won`t mean much for normal Syrians in the long run. Unfortunately they`re pretty much screwed no matter who eventually wins, the dictator or the "Allahu akbar!"-screaming rebels.
tl,dr; Another rant. Scroll on and moan about Obummer.
omg (3 Sep, 2013)
Trurl just tried to blame this on Bush and Fox News.
Cambrius (4 Sep, 2013)
No he didn't. He mentioned them in passing. He was a long way from blaming them for what's happening in Syria.
Missing pictures (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Chickenhawk Joe Biden (5 deferments from Vietnam draft) and John Kerry (war hero in his own mind) should have their pictures up. Michael Moore is about as relevant as the guy standing outside the Chik-fil-A.
Sarah Palin (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
I can see Syria from my house.
Hillary Clinton (3 Sep, 2013)
What difference does it make now?
Obvious, the captain (3 Sep, 2013) Reply
They've forgotten about men who just want to watch the world burn.
Dobby (3 Sep, 2013) Reply
You forgot those people who thought we were talking about Syria, Virginia. :p
It's fairly close to D.C. so maybe not such a bad target, all things considered...
fart smeller (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
can you get any dumber?
Mark Question (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
It says "9% of Americans" at the top...
How are "Syrian Rebels" American?
WH (8 Sep, 2013)
How is Michael Moore American?
euroCRACK (26 Sep, 2013) Reply
yay another picture where anon portraits himself as a saint and others as the devil! well, the rest of the world really hates you americans. and why? because everything the rest of the world said is true, but on a larger scale. there are creationist uber douches everywhere, one third of ALL AMERICANS are fat kfc-eatin-soda-guzzlin'-fatsos, and most of you cant even write your own friggin language correctly. and a large percentage cant even read it.
Kristine rosario (10 Oct, 2013) Reply
i love mile cyrus..nyc new look. I hope i see u in person..
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