War in Syria
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Anon (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
*Funny thing*, that...PROOF is available that THE REBELS used the chemical weapons (and admitted to doing so).
2/10, would not feed again (2 Sep, 2013)
Isnt it all the rebels fault though? I mean without them causing trouble, the govt wouldnt need to do anything illegal to stop them!
G M Tarkin (2 Sep, 2013)
Yeah! If it were not for those unconscionable rebels, I'd not have had to destroy Alderaan!
Poopchute (3 Sep, 2013)
Not that I don't believe you but [Citation needed]
Free & Fake American (5 Sep, 2013)
Didn't the NSA sell it to them, Anon?
Anon (5 Sep, 2013)
CITATION? *S*U*R*E*!!! (visit link)
Anon (5 Sep, 2013)
ANOTHER citation: (visit link)
THANKS for asking!
Anon (5 Sep, 2013)
TO: f&fa...NO, but please offer evidence, if you have it. Otherwise, your blather fits nicely into the age-old pattern of ALWAYS blaming America or aiding the enemy of America.
Anon (6 Sep, 2013)
Another article of note: (visit link)
Get a new job (7 Sep, 2013)
You are the worst social media manager ever.
WOW! (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
First time I've seen BHO portrayed as a fat, balding, white dude.
Derp (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Ah ha (2 Sep, 2013)
That's how they got Obamacare passed. The Dem's need YOU.
@Ah ha (5 Sep, 2013)
I'd take a $100, 10 to 1, bet that you didn't read one sentence from it.
Merry Hobb (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
If you leave these guys alone, they will like, self correct the problem and ours.
Funny... (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
For this to be correct, that TV watcher should look more like an obama, no?
Gravdigr (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Who eats popcorn while watching the news?
Eek! (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Red line! Red line! Red line!
Race to war (3 Sep, 2013)
GW Bush waited over a year for UN inspections and Congressional approval before going into Iraq. The left called this a rush to war.
@RTW (5 Sep, 2013)
As a center-left moderate, I have to admit you have a point there.
Gia (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Disappointed to see war propaganda here @ eatliver. Why won't you put up a pic of those christians or children that were slaughtered by the rebels?
skreem (2 Sep, 2013)
As opposed to the civilians massacred by the army? The whole Syrian conflict is idiotic from the beginning, including the army, the rebels, and the international response.
@Gia (5 Sep, 2013)
Oh, goody... Another christian who thinks they're a victimized minority. The very fact that it matters to you that they're christian speaks volumes about your character.
pacifist (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Thats not even funny...
AfarukY (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Rebels used chemical weapons? Don't be ridiculous! It is not grenade.
Baja Chicken Gordita (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Yeah, I find it dubious that our official reason to go to war with Syria is the use of chemical weapons, all the while North Korea has been making nukes, and delivery systems for the nukes, and making statements of intent to use them for decades. Don't get me wrong, I agree about going to war with Syria over chemical weapons, but I scratch my head over why North Korea is allowed to futher endanger the world every day, especially considering their particular social climate.
LogiC (3 Sep, 2013)
NK doesn't have oil. It's a barren crap hole, why would the US invade it?
Dear Mr LogiC (3 Sep, 2013)
Unless your country has 38,000 soldiers protecting South Korea, I would like to offer you a cordial invitation to STFU.
Devil's Advocate (4 Sep, 2013)
@D.M.L: What a bizarre statement. The fact that only the U.S. has troops in South Korea doesn't mean that only Americans can have an opinion on *North* Korea. Particularly when that opinion is perfectly correct and in no way derogatory. Besides that, while respect is due for the many years of garrison duty which U.S. troops have performed on the 38th. Parallel, the fact remains that this line was fixed at the end of an actual, real war, in which Logic's countrymen (and mine) played a vital role. Care to comment?
BCG @ DML (5 Sep, 2013)
That statement seems to imply that S Korea doesn't have a fighting force. It also doesn't account for the fact that there are, in fact, a good percentage of people in North Korea that would favor a cue. As of right now there are flocks of people hemorrhaging out of NK every single day. Also, just think what will happen when these people, who are told by a totalitarian party, that their country is in fact in shambles and the world's punch line. Just think when these people get access to the internet!
Thanks Obama! (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
I love it when a democrate president considers war. It's the only time you'll time you'll hear the right protest war. I swear, if the democrates used just a little revearse psychology they could over run the party system...
euroCRACK (3 Sep, 2013) Reply
yeah, and there is proof that the government used chemical weapons too. blah blah im anon and im always right. blahhity blah blaah. you should get shot, i hate you more each day.
Globalist (3 Sep, 2013)
Excellent, the EU should be cleaning up this mess, it's right in their own backyard - just like Yugoslavia. Oh, wait.
@G (5 Sep, 2013)
As an American, I just need to face the facts: The US is essentially that really big friend everyone has that finishes all of everyone else's fights.
Anon (5 Sep, 2013)
Gee...your "attention" to me is certainly...ahem...noteworthy. SHOULD YOU GET SHOT AS WELL? Please seek psychiatric help.
Oh my (4 Sep, 2013) Reply
What would Cindy Sheehan do?
gy (4 Sep, 2013) Reply
laugh all you want. USA still is the No.1. thanks to their politics of being involved in shit, where it's necessary, to expand influence.
At least USA doesn't chicken out.
William bracey (18 Sep, 2013) Reply
Sad. :'-(
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