He's back
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LandLord (26 Aug, 2013) Reply
Pen is more powerful than the sword, my friends!
N S A (27 Aug, 2013)
Then kill the author.
Sadly... (26 Aug, 2013) Reply
...he came to shit but only farted.
Sadlier... (26 Aug, 2013)
He didn't sound broken hearted.
Pen-sadliest (26 Aug, 2013)
The gas he passed was violent, true.
sadlier (27 Aug, 2013)
Unlike his piss, which is usually blue.
faroutman (26 Aug, 2013) Reply
I pooped my pants once. True story.
Ricky's hand (26 Aug, 2013)
Your story is a cake!
Scatman (26 Aug, 2013)
Only once?
Rusty (26 Aug, 2013) Reply
Squidbillies Reference: They paint "these" walls to silence my pen, but the shithouse poet strikes again!
Gravdigr (27 Aug, 2013) Reply
An oldie, but, a goodie.
Outhouse Bandit (27 Aug, 2013) Reply
Here I sit,
cheeks a-flexin,
About to give birth
To another Texan.
Trurl (28 Aug, 2013)
OK, now I know where Anon comes from. No big surprise, really.
The batman (28 Aug, 2013) Reply
The words of the prophets are not written on the toilet walls.
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