It was the smart thing to do
This kid is a genius.
It was the smart thing to do
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Mom (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
Disappointed! I had such hopes for him.
Homie (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
Well, his brother le'rich successful will bail him out.
Bob (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
Did he turn himself into sign up for a spelling bee?
EUroMan (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist.
S.N. (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
No wonder he became a criminal with a name like that.
Bill Shakespeare (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
What's in a name?
Saint Skittles (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
If 0bama had a son ...
I'mDrunk (22 Aug, 2013)
...he wouldn't be named 'Genius'.
There, I finished it for you.
Bucky (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't want to say anything even remotely racist but that's really effed up!
Jack Torrance (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
Le'Genius appears to be a Le'Dum-Dum.
Enter 251 here: (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
Someone please tell me this has been photoshopped. And in any event I think someone should contact the Nobel committee not to expect him at their next event.
Cenaculum (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
Wife works at a hospital... two little boys were there with their mom, the nurse calls them but struggles with their names...
Lemonjello and orangejello.... pronounced LeMONjello and OrANGjello...
True story....
Freddy Booger (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
In order to balance out the racism, I feel I should point out that it 2003 there was a white baby girl who was named Latrine.
Now we are no longer racist.
javi (22 Aug, 2013) Reply
And now, some authentic Gypsy names from Europe:
Tom-Mac-Bil-Bob, Superman, Bred Pit, Monamour, Supplexa Memoranda, Darkness Star, Cosmos, Shiny Palmolive, The American, Paris Hilton, JuanCarlosFranciscoManuelCasanova, LasVegas, Schwarzennegger, The Greencard, VisaPassport, Aspirin, Chocolate, Platinum, Bim Laden, Cortizon, Nokia, Context, Emperor, Fax
I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist. I'm not gonna be racist.
- This is a new European prayer, courtesy of EUroMan
Oklahoma OK (23 Aug, 2013) Reply
I am Chris Lane.
Delbert Belton (23 Aug, 2013)
Nice to meet you, Chris. Or not as the case may be. Is Antonio Santiago around here?
TOMMY (25 Aug, 2013) Reply
Obamas other son.
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