I don't want to brag, but...
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LandLord (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
This always works to pick up the chicks.
Mr. Solution (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
Don't know why these kids agonize about student loans. They can just use the same payment plan as the POTUS, don't bother paying anything, until your run for the Senate. (Works if your wife has a loan too)
Reality (16 Aug, 2013)
Um - it's the regressives who don't pay their bills. Ask anyone living in a red welfare state (hint: all red states are welfare states).
Reality Is Right (18 Aug, 2013)
Dumb hillbillies and rednecks cry about big government for one reason and one reason only: THEY ARE TOLD TO! They have no idea what they are talking about nor do they factor in the fact that states like Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, etc., etc., etc., take much more for the federal government than they put into it.
Real Reality (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
He's about to become a ****offionaire.
Someone from Europe (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
Btw, what the hell is a student loan and why is it such a big deal to pay off?
also an European (17 Aug, 2013)
A loan one gets to pay for studies. It may be problematic because of ridiculous education prices in US (tuition at an average university can be 3-4 times higher than one at the good European uni). But I really don't get why they suddenly became a problem while much higher house mortgage is ubiquitous and considered something normal.
Someone from the UK (17 Aug, 2013)
It's also called a Tuition fee.
euroCRACK (19 Aug, 2013) Reply
lol, in finland everyone goes to school for free. all schools are free. hows this tuition fee crap working out for ya?
abhishek kumar (8 Oct, 2013) Reply
nathing but some thing isbatter
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