How to make people think you have a girlfriend
...with your right hand and Instagram.
How to make people think you have a girlfriend
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shoot_me (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
forever alone
CajunAsian (31 Aug, 2013)
Forever Arone (FTFY)
LaurryG (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
I wonder what else he does with that hand..?
Transparent Tom (15 Aug, 2013)
Um...hold the camera? Anyhow, wouldn't people find it disturbing if your "girlfriend" has the infamous Senfield Man Hands?
Master....r (15 Aug, 2013)
You mean his "girlfriend?"
LaurryG (30 Jan, 2014)
Hey! Stop being me!
J. Smithlao (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Only one thing comes to mind: forever alone....
Just Wondering (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Can the girlie hand make an L on his forehead?
Eric Cartman (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Now, why am I reminded of Hennifer Lopez?
lmao (16 Aug, 2013)
Taco taco burrrrito
The Dragov (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
This is sad beyond any measurable scale...
drink (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
it's funnier when i'm drunk. i am so lonely.
I got no hand (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
And i am forever jealous...
Gravdigr (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
What's going on in the last pic? Connect the dots?
Gion (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't get it, my right hand ist my girlfriend, too?
Gungo (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
Complete the illusion by sitting on your hand for at least an hour until the feeling goes, and then...
Jack Torrance (18 Aug, 2013) Reply
The worst part is his hand is now in the "friend zone".
hahah (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
But it IS his girlfriend.
zhopa (7 Sep, 2013) Reply ronery.
Anon2 (13 Oct, 2013) Reply
This is why I have a girlfriend.
Raechel (28 Feb, 2014) Reply
I think that is really neat that someone would actually think of an idea like that!
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