The first rule of having in-flight internet access is...
Made by Matthew Inman.
The first rule of having in-flight internet access is...
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Pilot Pete (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
I'm commenting while flying a plane ! Crazy, huh ?
Way better (18 Aug, 2013)
I'm commenting while on a submarine, now that's crazy isn't it?
Shi (22 Mar, 2014)
In commenting while taking a $#!+
Amazed (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
On a plane..? No what's crazy is using that brain dead computer.
Boinnggggggg (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
The Oatmeal always!
Wow (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
I'm writing with someone on an airplane right now. Isn't that just great? Am I not great for knowing someone who is so terrific that he is nerding on an airplane? Mindblowing. Btw.: I'm writing from the ISS. No biggy, but I thought leaving it unmentioned would be like lying.
Dimitry (20 Aug, 2013)
Ha, puny american - I'm writing from great socialist bunker on the Moon.
PanAm108 (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
"Roger Dulles Tower, I'll enter the pattern as soon as I'm updating my fb."
"On a plane updating FB? pfft. Try flying the ******." <hits "post">
Dear -Oats (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
No, not really.
Tweetteen (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
I'm postingg thisd frommy car. Isnnnt that craz
Roger grey (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
Hang on... that wasn't crazy or exciting at all!!
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