Well, that clarifies things
Yep, I get it.
Well, that clarifies things
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Bok (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
There's no Dutch on it. What does it say? I don't really get the joke...
Hmmm... (12 Aug, 2013)
I`m pretty sure that it is Robin Hood in Dutch as well.
Unbok (12 Aug, 2013)
Maybe if you try to read it in the language you're writing in.
American (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
What are all those circle things?
America F-yeah! (12 Aug, 2013)
Those are the flags of lesser countries. You know, places like Europe and Asia.
I'mDrunk (12 Aug, 2013)
Anyone else catch the irony that the Socialist countries represented "steal from the rich, give to the poor"?
EUro (14 Aug, 2013)
Lesser countries, eh? But on the other hand no one burns our flags. :-)
SmartGuy (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
I get it. "Robin Hood" means "Peter Freakin'Pan" in all those other, non-'Murican' languages.
Shirime (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
Don't want to be a douche, but in french it actually is Robin des Bois...
quoi? (12 Aug, 2013)
Robin of the woods?
Me (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
Who's that?
Gravdigr (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
That's not a hood. That's a hat. Just sayin'.
Capitaine evident (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
For those who still don't get it. The flags represent the languages of that country. It just so happens that "Robin Hood" is the same in all languages posted here, making it irrelevant to print it 6 times.
America F-yeah! (13 Aug, 2013)
Did any of that really need to be said? Seriously, raise of hands, who here didn't get it instantly?
Juju (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
Here it is "Robin dos Bosques" because "Robin Hood" can be mistaken for "Naked Robin" because of the phonetics.
Britain, America's daddy (13 Aug, 2013) Reply
Riding through the glen...
Usonian (13 Aug, 2013)
We disowned you, then kicked your sorry butt to the curb.
Enter 225 here: (13 Aug, 2013) Reply
Yet again Dennis Moore and his horse Concorde get no mention.
Dennis Moore (15 Aug, 2013)
What, you mean the FLOWER Lupin?
Keebler Elf (13 Aug, 2013) Reply
Help! Someone stop that kid! He stole my hat!
Richy (14 Aug, 2013) Reply
I dislike dressing in green elf hats and hanging around in the woods all day, I'm gonna stop doing it.
Max (19 Aug, 2013) Reply
Robin des Bois in french.
Asiago (14 Dec, 2013) Reply
What? No bow included?
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