Don't feel bad about yourself
You are not ugly.
Don't feel bad about yourself
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skinny (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
It works if you are feeling fat as well.
Me (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
But not if you're feeling intelligent..
Gravdigr (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
Just don't let anyone take your picture.
True Story (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
When I go to Wal-Mart, I feel thin and pretty. It's a shame I refuse to shop at that sewer.
LogiC (13 Aug, 2013) Reply
The Wal-Mart owners are some of the richest people in the world. Yet they can't spare anything over minimum wage for most of it's workers. Some have to get food stamps to support their families, this means that Wal-Mart stores cost the US government (and thus taxpayers) to operate. These are the same people that tell you we need lower taxes to encourage business and fair wages, and the same ones that say the gov. should cut welfare spending. They create a greater need for welfare then say it should be cut. It's also the same greedy, hypocritical bullshit they feed to US citizens so often that many believe it.
bill posters (13 Aug, 2013)
Scandinavian taxes are considered high, welfare too, yet those countries managed somehow not to collapse.
Merry Hobb224 (18 Aug, 2013)
(visit link)!/?sw=Sweden
Richy (14 Aug, 2013) Reply
I dislike both being ugly and shopping.
schlitzalot (18 Aug, 2013) Reply
in the murica, alot is one wurd. go murica
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