Obeying the genie
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Genie (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
wishes granted:
an old farm (On URANUS!)
a falling rock (On URANUS!)
it's your actual birthday (Also on Uranus, though that's irrelevant)
Technically correct but unhelpful (6 Aug, 2013)
Surely, Uranus is the same age as you?
@tech (6 Aug, 2013)
I was born with it
Genie (7 Aug, 2013)
Obviously, if uranus was the same age as Uranus then Uranus would be as old as uranus.
This is probably the case, as mostly all matter was created at the same time (either around 14000000000 or 6000 years ago, depending on your education/mental abilities)
Confused (7 Aug, 2013)
Whats with URANUS?
@ @tech (12 Aug, 2013)
Or maybe it’s Maybelline?
Exponential (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Uh oh, I see where this is going.
Capt. You Know Who (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
There are Klingons on Uranus.
Sean Hannity (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
1.I wish Ronald Reagan lived to the right of me.
2.I wish Jesus lived to the left of me.
3.I wish Sarah Palin was my wife.
What the what (7 Aug, 2013) Reply
Why didn't he just wish for more lamps with genies in them?
Sundancer (7 Aug, 2013) Reply
This was done in another strip where the kid just wished for more genies. Less panels.
Replier to Sundancer (8 Aug, 2013)
Nope, exactly the same amount of panels: (visit link)
rainwisher (22 Aug, 2013)
actually it's one of the oldest jokes and has been done in numerous forms, but this one is quite clever.
Simple (27 Aug, 2013) Reply
Just wish that you could wish for more wishes. Problem, genies?
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