The difference between weight and mass
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The difference between weight and mass
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burn (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
why has that catholic woman only one child,she will burn ,burn i tell you burn.
Worse yet (6 Aug, 2013)
Also no husband! The sanctity of marriage is at risk!
(but seriously, it costs a lot of effort not to laugh at the word sanctity there..)
because (6 Aug, 2013)
her other 12 children died in a horrible kitchen accident (being not her fault)
America F-yeah! (6 Aug, 2013)
She's also smiling. She clearly has no idea what she's doing.
ogoboso (7 Aug, 2013)
She sold the other 133 of them into medical experiments. Happens all the time, I guess. I first heard of it from Monty Python.
Louis Cipher (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
She's not catholic, she snuck in there during weight. I mean mass....
Hence why she's so smugly smiling.
hady adams (24 Aug, 2013)
she'z n@ cmiling louis, shez juc picking her nose with her upper lips.see?
Gravdigr (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Weight a minuet, how mini Newtons do I way? And, what kind of Newtons? Fig Newtons? Strawberry Newtons? Blueberry Newtons? Ooooh, I looooove blueberry Newtons!!!
Tastentier (6 Aug, 2013)
You mean you laugh them.
LogiC (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
If I remember correctly for all intents and purposes, on Earth mass = weight, but as the cartoon points out weight changes based on local gravity. A 1kg mass of iron might weigh ~250 grams (0.25kg) on the moon, but it is still 1kg of mass. Mass is important for lots of physics calculations, I think weight is more useful for engineering where you need to know load limits and stuff.
I hate these sort of comics, if you are going to teach people something do it properly :(
Arithmetic (6 Aug, 2013)
Mass - M = LogiC
Trollolol (6 Aug, 2013)
Oh, how much fun you are. By the way, 1kg mass if iron might weigh ~0.167kgf, not 0.167kg (and definitely not 250g).
Sheldon Cooper (7 Aug, 2013)
no, on earth mass is not = weight, weight is about 10 times your mass, e.g. 50 Kg (mass) = 500 N (weight).
DuncInTheseDonuts (31 Aug, 2013)
No, no it does not. You're still on this site pretending to be smart? Same with Trollolol (he's arguably worse). Jeezus. I go away for nearly a year, and then I return to y'all having never left. *facepalm*
RWW (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
"Confusing this stuff up"? English much?
Indeed (9 Aug, 2013)
Someone needs to send James R a "Difference between English and gibberish" cartoon.
Mr. Punctuation (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
A comma is a very helpful tool in letting your readers pause from longer sentences and eliminate fragment sentences.
Wait! (10 Aug, 2013) Reply
WTF does "confusing up" mean?
Captain Euphenism (10 Aug, 2013)
I think they meant something else.
Mariah (24 Aug, 2013) Reply
hady adams (24 Aug, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?