Don't use letter M without permission!
You don't own it!
Don't use letter M without permission!
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javi (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I ight want to say ore, but I ust not.
By the way, I a first to coent!
Bloody Band-Aid (30 Jul, 2013)
You, sir, are a oron.
YGS (3 Aug, 2013)
@javi your crammer sucks
'Urica (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Da[]n, this is going to []ake things difficult when co[][]unicating in the written for[]
LandLord (30 Jul, 2013)
...or you can just buy the licence.
And the Wiffle Bat people own yellow (30 Jul, 2013)
So if you type a yellow "m" then you have to pay two licence fees! This could get expensive!
The Man (30 Jul, 2013)
Don't forget that 3M owns purple!
COBRA (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I ust reeber to ake y coents eorable - uch like those of javi
LogiC (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
If you want to read up on an interesting case of white collar douche baggery look up "EDGE gaming". Cadbury has a similar trademark on the colour purple which they use on a lot of their products, here in Australia.
HardTruth (30 Jul, 2013)
Hehe, It's almost a pity China doesn't give a rat's a** about trademarks.
Gabe (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I had no idea you could license letters!
itall (2 Aug, 2013)
You can't but most companies are run by retards...
I'mDrunk (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I thought Sesame Street held the trademark to the alphabet letters.
Bok (30 Jul, 2013)
K is for kangaroo, hop hop. L is for laugh, so funny, haha. M is for M&M’s® (© 2013, Mars™, Inc.) (Used under license). N is for nose, long or short.
Harry (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Those danged Martians, they're sore because they lost the war of the worlds because of the flu, now they want to take over our planet using copyright laws.
Soup Nazi (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I can't wait to see them sue Campbell's Soup Company. Mmmm good, mmmm good! That's what Campbell's Soup is, mmmm good!
no_M_for_you (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
My oh My. i Might have to pay soMe Money for this coMMent
Trademark infringing criminal scum (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Another Scofflaw (30 Jul, 2013)
MMM (in imaginary purple).
Bazza (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
See, *cDonalds have the letter AND the colour! Sue the bastards!
Attorney who really knows stuff. (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Upon indepth review of this, I have come to the conclusion, that Mars Inc., has only the trade mark for "M'S" (M with the apostrophe. As long as you use an "M" without the apostrophe, you're good.
<That will be $4500 dollars.>
Tastentier (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
You can't really trademark a letter. All that this means is that if you sell similar food products, you can't advertise them in the M&M font and color theme *and* name them "m", "m's", "MM-lings", or any variation thereof. In other words, the trademark only protects the trademark holder against people who try to pass off their product as his. You can still sell cans of beans under the name "Uncle M's" or whatever, provided that the brand logo looks sufficiently different.
Sherlock (11 Aug, 2013)
No shit
Arowana (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Sad truth is that Monster Energy Drink is suing a fishkeeping forum because they used a stylized version of the letter M as their logo. I wonder why Monster and M&Ms don't sue each other then.
The golden M (1 Aug, 2013) Reply
And what about McDonalds?
bob (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
almost as bad as wiffle owning the color yellow
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