Bringing the ball with me
Got a good reason for that.
Bringing the ball with me
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Annie (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
Smart fella.
HardTruth (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
Haha, it's funny because he's been neutered.
Captain Obvious (24 Jul, 2013)
Stop stealing my job!!!
Cynical Sam (24 Jul, 2013)
New turd sounds a relaxing event, but in reality it's nuts.
dog (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
its sad he only has that to lick now
nuwehs (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
Not funny
SammySays (26 Jul, 2013) Reply
Pmsl. LOOL
TheCat (29 Jul, 2013) Reply
The Idiot (31 Jul, 2013) Reply
Ha ha ha! This is hilarious!
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