Rental ads explained
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hehe (23 May, 2013) Reply
funny funny stuff
Too late (23 May, 2013) Reply
I already live in that apartment.
This must be from (23 May, 2013) Reply
Detroit (23 May, 2013)
No one lives here anymore.
Pet-Friendly (23 May, 2013) Reply
Rats everywhere. Dog hair everywhere. Cat stink everywhere.
I love this city (24 May, 2013) Reply
for up hands your put
walking distance? (31 May, 2013) Reply
walking distance in america? a friend told me he went to montage work in usa somewhere. he just wanted to go 300m to a wal mart. but he didn't find a proper way to walk. so he stood by a street waiting for less traffic to cross it. that must have been so weird to donut eating fat police that they decided to check him.
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