Toy story
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Apple Addict (18 May, 2013) Reply
Where's the problem? Nothing's wrong here. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Android fanboy (18 May, 2013)
The problem is that the person in the last picture is using a worthless piece of crap instead of a real smartphone.
G S3 user (18 May, 2013)
Can'tIwatch (18 May, 2013)
Toy Story on my iPAD?
333 (18 May, 2013)
Could you both please die and decompose? Thank you.
<3<3<3 (18 May, 2013)
Awww, can't stand people making fun of your shiny overpriced crap?
Blarg (27 May, 2013)
No, he probably can't stand people that don't respect people that make different choices than they make.
SpaceHopper (18 May, 2013) Reply
Has anyone else noticed how the Apple logo looks like a Space Hopper?
turfdome (18 May, 2013) Reply
What you do with my lower legs?
333 (18 May, 2013) Reply
@<3<3<3: Yes, apple is crap, android is crap, linux is crap, macs are crap, windows is crap. All software is crap and all hardware is also crap. Now, die and decompose, all of you. World will be a much better place without stupid brainless fanboys.
@333 (20 May, 2013)
You're an "anti-fanboy" fanboy
Knees Please (19 May, 2013) Reply
Why is the little girl an amputee?
Batman (19 May, 2013)
Because her parents are deaaaad!
Eat bannanas (26 May, 2013) Reply
Anyone else notice that in the third picture Andy is to the left implying that that is his daughter??
gk (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
okay she has a phone im lost does she really have a phone or is her moms.wait how old is she now 'cause she trow her toy away .... . . . .
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