Pick up a book nearest to you...
...and turn to page 45...
Pick up a book nearest to you...
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Mine (16 May, 2013) Reply
We could add a border to Composition by subclassing it to yield a BorderedComposition class, or we could add a scrolling interface in the same way to yield a ScrollableComposition.
hm.. (16 May, 2013)
... With all that does not play!
Markgraf von Masoch (16 May, 2013)
'Tis thereore Nature that must be seized when one labors in the field of fiction, 'tis the heart of man, the most remarkable of her works, and in no wise virtue, because virtue, however becoming, however necessary it may be, is yet but one of the many facets of this amazing heart, whereof the profound study is so necessary to the novelist, and the novel, the faithful mirror of this heart, must perforce explore its every fold.
Cynical Sam (17 May, 2013)
"Here again, our Philological Arm has done good work; try the word "complacency" on him." -The Screwtape Letters
Michelle (18 Jul, 2013)
Page 45 - Fifty Shades Darker - "What a difference a day makes." - sooo true for me!
Well... (16 May, 2013) Reply
All my books have less than 40 pages... and are all just nice pictures...
LOL (16 May, 2013) Reply
Always use the "present market value," which is the amount you will get if you sell the property.
LOLOL (16 May, 2013)
"If your application for a pension is turned down, you will be notified within 90 days of the receipt of your application unless the review period is extended by written notice."
Milutin (16 May, 2013) Reply
Пре него што слагач почне да слаже, мора да намести врстач на одговарајућу ширину слога.
Dragutin (16 May, 2013)
novosadjanin (16 May, 2013)
Bole te brige, ti bar imas knjige. :(
Гроле (17 May, 2013)
Каква ти је то књига? О.о
Milutin (17 May, 2013)
Приручник за словослагаче...
Јбг, та је била најближа...
EUROCRacK (16 May, 2013) Reply
Note that af(h(x))/aqk = bk(x)triangle f(x).
NonDreamer (16 May, 2013) Reply
I had an insistent and unaccountable craving for a sleep whose dreams I should not remember. (H. P. Lovecraft - The Complete Fiction, ISBN 978-1-4351-2296-3)
ThA-B (16 May, 2013) Reply
Han hadde spekulert over det der.
Mine (16 May, 2013) Reply
Now it's becoming clear why group theory is part of algebra - these equations actually look like algebra.
blood (16 May, 2013) Reply
Seven save me.
... (16 May, 2013) Reply
I wait a few moments: I am afraid she is going to collapse: she is too sickly to endure this unexpected sorrow.
LogiC (16 May, 2013) Reply
When more than one arithmetic operator is used in an expression, C++ uses the operator precedence rules to evaluate the expression. -_-
critical (16 May, 2013) Reply
"What is the distance between nearest neigbors in silicon?" ****.
Martijn (16 May, 2013) Reply
"I had started walking again without even realizing it, walking like a man in a dream." Yeah sounds about right.
Forklift (16 May, 2013) Reply
Uh, the nearest book to me is a guide to North American mushrooms, all it had on page 45 was pictures of mushrooms.
Cynical Sam (16 May, 2013)
You must be a "Fun-Guy"
cx (19 May, 2013)
Statistics (16 May, 2013) Reply
Figure 2.2 A random variable X for the sum of two dice.
ruh-roh (16 May, 2013) Reply
So Rachel said: "For that reason he is going to lie down with you tonight in exchange for your son's mandrakes."
Tom (16 May, 2013) Reply
Dave Cassidy (16 May, 2013) Reply
Playing in other venues was a steep management curve, when we played one gig at a Catholic youth club, the bloke in charge refused to pay up, claiming that what we were playing 'wasn't music'"
dr bro (16 May, 2013) Reply
Die geistige Entwicklung betraf auch die innerjüdische Diskussion selbst, in der sich Aristoteliker seit dem 13. Jahrhundert einer mystischen Strömung gegenübersahen, die eine spirituelle Vereinigung mit Gott anstrebte.
wtf? must be a book of my gf
Slimper (16 May, 2013) Reply
Sounds simple, doesn't it?
=) From "The organic chemistry of drug design and drug action". Must be one of the simplest sentences in the book.
vanessa (16 May, 2013) Reply
Rate class code indicades that a reduces class rate has been applied as used in the class rate box of the AWB.
PostgreSQL (16 May, 2013) Reply
"We create a separate table called friend."
Hammy (16 May, 2013)
Hugh (16 May, 2013) Reply
Experts. Sharpshooters. Guardians. Lifesavers. Storytellers. The Right Tool in the Right Hands.
how odd (16 May, 2013) Reply
do the big OE
lukus (16 May, 2013) Reply
The GLB Series provides a connection between beam and concrete or CMU plaster.
IKILL (16 May, 2013) Reply
The mans head appears in front of the 'Forever' for a second.
Ernest Scribbler (16 May, 2013) Reply
Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! ... Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!
no books (16 May, 2013) Reply
Does e-book count?
Ugly Joe (16 May, 2013) Reply
Valid interval keywords for numeric intervals include SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, MONTH, and YEAR.
The Teacher (16 May, 2013) Reply
I don't have a book near me, but it doesn't matter. I don't know how to read.
MSDS (16 May, 2013) Reply
1805 154 Phosphoric acid, liquid. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
Hammy (16 May, 2013) Reply
You know how it is nowadays...they think that your attitude is anti-social.
omg it's true! (16 May, 2013) Reply
The Oscillator must provide accurate, controllable signals of a known frequency
unsettled (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Dying is easy; killing is the important thing". Guess I should have been a hitman?
Virus (16 May, 2013) Reply
The problem is that critical decisions aren't easily reversible.
Here ya go (16 May, 2013) Reply
Figure 4.1: Processor instruction and execution cycle: first machine cycle.
Squeak? (16 May, 2013) Reply
""We're moving in exalted circles," he said."
I feel lucky for some reason :-)
S.N. (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Then someone should have told you that they were using the pack bonds to mess with my head." - Silver borne / Patricia Briggs
Moi. (16 May, 2013) Reply
Here is another example of syncopation in vocal music.
Alfred E. Neumann (16 May, 2013) Reply
Wow! Nothing describes my life better than a scentence about the Meyer-Weigert rule inside a book about urologic deseases.
The Lone Wonderer (16 May, 2013) Reply
From Howe's "The Modern Gunsmith":
This is only soluble in alcohol and therefore cannot be used directly in the polishing oil.
I... but... when I... arwh damnit I dunno I'm confused right now
Llama (16 May, 2013) Reply
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Preheat the oven to 350F
Remove cellophane covering tray and place on a baking sheet
Bake for about 45-50 minutes
Tip: Sprinkle with 1 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese on each tray of potatoes prior to placing potatoes in the oven.
I have found the meaning of life.
Sounds Right (16 May, 2013) Reply
Six ominous shapes appeared in the black space of the Hoth system and loomed like vast demons of destruction, ready to unleash the furies of their Imperial weapons.
Pav (16 May, 2013) Reply
I could therefore, have answered you at our first interview, but I wished to kno you first, then to reflect.
Jhon (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Dany leaned forward"
Does that mean im gay?
Vroteier9 (16 May, 2013) Reply
The rebellious new hero and changing world of infamous Second Son.
Hmmm (16 May, 2013) Reply
"The basic purpose of a tactical data link is to transfer wide bandwidth information from one element of the battle force to all other elements."
I think I'm doing something wrong and I'm not sure if it's my book collection or my life...
Ruth (16 May, 2013) Reply
In the first kind of Friedmann model, which expands and re-collapses, space is bent in on itself, like the surface of the earth.
Shirime (16 May, 2013) Reply
"I think I'll be meeting Blackie"
briedis (16 May, 2013) Reply
Sugar diabetes, lol
Guy (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Mr Cogburn: I was, yes sir." What's that supposed to mean out of context?
KnifeDude (16 May, 2013) Reply
"He took out his pocket knife." ... WTF!
South (16 May, 2013) Reply
Even pickpockets stayed away.
CameraDude (16 May, 2013) Reply
From Canon EOS 5D Digital Field Guide:
AutoExposure Bracketing (AEB) takes three exposures of the same scene: one exposure at the camera's recommended setting, an image above, and an image below the recommended exposure.
kk (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Dla oporności ujemnej idealnie rzeczywistej charakterystyka robocza jest identyczna z charakterystyką statyczną i nie zależy od tego, w jaki sposób zmieniają się w czasie wielkości napięcia lub prądu, nie zależy zatem od częstotliwości przebiegów."
saddestgirlalive (16 May, 2013) Reply
"A divorce is the legal termination of a marriage by a court in a legal proceeding, requiring a petition or complaint for divorce (or dissolution in some states) by one party."
oh no (16 May, 2013) Reply
It's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm not that brave
Hyaena (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is established as the epitome of a Renaissance Man not just for the handful of paintings that have survived and the countless drawings, but because of his intellectual curiosity and his inquiries into the physical world." (The Illustrated History of Art)
Someone Who Comments On Stuff (16 May, 2013) Reply
And there came hunger.
bahahahahaha, it's so true because I'm always hungry
anonymouse (16 May, 2013) Reply
He said, "Speak, then."
Trollolol (16 May, 2013) Reply
Picture of footprints in the snow...
Killer (16 May, 2013) Reply
He saw again the white angel.
555 (16 May, 2013) Reply
I have 10 different books within reach, all at the same distance. Which one?
Dzoka-Sljoka (16 May, 2013) Reply
You are going to sleep with Scarlett Johansson. WOW!
Frigis (16 May, 2013) Reply
"Nothing is in the correct place and is in excellent condition." From my discrete mathematics book.
brit-girl (16 May, 2013) Reply
i changed the subject.
dead untill dark by charlaine harris
happyme (16 May, 2013) Reply
"But no matter." Huh?
Cycm (16 May, 2013) Reply
It's all a paradox.
gerg (16 May, 2013) Reply
An enlarged version of a design that appeared in 6.35mm calibre in 1910, this became an officers pistol during World War I and was then sold commercially as the model 1914.
So profound.
Jerome (16 May, 2013) Reply
Stood on the brink of hell & looked a while-John Milton, Paradise Lost.
The Color Of Magic (16 May, 2013) Reply
"It held biscuits that turned out to be as hard as diamondwood."
...well, alright then.
ZachBora (16 May, 2013) Reply
"The plywood walls of evidence room had nothing inspiring for a suspect."
Structures level 1 (17 May, 2013) Reply
"Analysis of platform load:"
That's the closest thing to a sentence there is on page 45.
raaw (17 May, 2013) Reply
"Dany leaned forward"?
djsmurphy (17 May, 2013) Reply
If vomiting lasts more than one day in an adult.
Page 45 of House of Leaves (17 May, 2013) Reply
"In 1989, however, the noted southern theologian Hanson Edwin Rose dramatically revised this reading."
There is no sentence in the English language that has less to do with me than this one.
Chemist (17 May, 2013) Reply
"An acid is any solute that dissociates in solution and releases hydrogen ions, thereby lowering the pH."
Awesome. My life is just, awesome...
evw (17 May, 2013) Reply
"What is your most important task when in freefall?" Skydiver's Information Manual. Sounds about right...
huh? (17 May, 2013) Reply
Today, however, he had something on his mind, more or less literally.
Grole (17 May, 2013) Reply
In sympathetic nervous system preganglionic neuron is short and it releases acetylcholine into the ganglion.
Grole (17 May, 2013) Reply
У симпатичком нервном систему преганглијски нерв је кратак и у ганглији ослобађа ацетилхолин - то су холинергичкинерви!
Physicist (17 May, 2013) Reply
The rate of true events lost by this deadtime is RR'[tau]. (K.Kleinknecht: Detectors for particle radiation, 2nd ed.)
So true.
I'm a camera? (17 May, 2013) Reply
Use the photography menu to adjust image quality.
Hint (17 May, 2013)
You must check your filters to make sure you're perceiving the world accurately
Mullet (17 May, 2013) Reply
Didn't have a book, so I picked up the copy of the graphic novel V for Vendetta in my laptop-bag at my feet.
"If you like. I think I know a way that you could help me. Very soon. Very soon indeed."
Really wish I hadn't (17 May, 2013) Reply
I'd find dead bodies in the woods and wrap them in chicken wire
Math book (17 May, 2013) Reply
"Once we have a model, we can determine its reliability by testing how well other experimental values satisfy the model." I guess I'm a model, not bad.
Mr Turnips (17 May, 2013) Reply
'The offence is so broad that it could include verbal sexual comments against a person who found such comments offensive'
Bobby (17 May, 2013) Reply
To state a sharp version of the Koksma-Hlawka inequality, let us first define the normed function spaces we want to consider.
Yellow pages (17 May, 2013) Reply
Bartending school. 555-132-8891. Find yourself in the exciting career of bartending.
Keyster (17 May, 2013) Reply
"Barring instances of world war, we see the general trend has been for government to grow."
Yepper, from Eisenhower to Obama that pretty much describes my life.
Yay? (17 May, 2013) Reply
On the outbreak of war, the Laconia had initially been converted for operations as an auxiliary cruiser manned by a naval crew.
Damn right.
Zork (17 May, 2013) Reply
Theeees humaaaans arrre sooo commmmPliant sssszzsssssssss!!!!!!
MadJack (17 May, 2013) Reply
The method requires two arguments.
someone (17 May, 2013) Reply
this is not true it said some thing stupid
History book user (17 May, 2013) Reply
"Īpašs statuss bija galvaspilsētai Rīgai, kas bija sadalīta administratīvajos rajonos, kuros pastāvēja pilsētas partijas komitejas, kas bija pakļautas gorkomam." MEH
Life Is Good (17 May, 2013) Reply
Underneath it she wore a white satin leotard and tights, which showcased her dancers build.
Dude (17 May, 2013) Reply
This item lets users turn off cores except core 1, user can turn off 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc core manually.
Dreeze (18 May, 2013) Reply
Vogon poetry is of course the third worse in the Universe.
Arthur Dent (30 Nov, 2013)
I am also reading the HHGG. Wise choice
Now I'm Confused (18 May, 2013) Reply
Book nearest to me was "Greatest Questions of the New Testament" by Leroy Brownlow. First complete sentence on page 45 is: "War makes strange bed-fellows."
In trouble (18 May, 2013) Reply
Tengo la edición en español del señor de los anillos. La primera frase completa de esa pagina es "No esperes sin embargo, un final feliz"
I have The Lord of the Rings in Spanish, the first complete sentece says "No esperes sin embargo, un final feliz" (Don't hope however, I happy enidng)
B (18 May, 2013) Reply
Fresh paksoi has fresh, white stalks and dark green leaves without brown stains.
Diario de viajes y escritos políticos (18 May, 2013) Reply
(...) su construcción y tamaño no se diferencia al parecer de los que usan nuestros propios navíos de guerra, sino que estos tienen en lugar de popa otra proa de modo que rompen hacia todas partes sin la precisión de virar y que son sumamente ligeros" ...OK O____O
god damn it ! (19 May, 2013) Reply
"He isn`t an engineer, is he?" god damn it!
Frankenstein (19 May, 2013) Reply
I, who had ever been surrounded by amiable companions, continually engaged in endeavouring to bestow mutual pleasure, I was now alone.
lilifee (19 May, 2013) Reply
Morgen bin ich auf dem Berg, ohne Haupt.
I guess I'll lose my head some time this year...
oh (19 May, 2013) Reply
He saw how much I needed to hear that, and maybe he figured it was just a way to get into my panties, and maybe it would lead to that eventually.
Of course the book nearest to me is a really dramatic novel about how even some of the most innocent of teens can find themselves on destructive roads to hard drugs and prostitution...
Perks of Being a Wallflower (19 May, 2013) Reply
"And I was warm"
...uh. (19 May, 2013) Reply
"The vast semisphere of the view wall bloomed with battle."
Tokar (20 May, 2013) Reply
As Dany stood her Tokar began to slip.
yeah! (20 May, 2013) Reply
"a guardian who protects the ancient cistern." i love hyrule historia
Ogoboso (20 May, 2013) Reply
"Cruise control is activated via the stalk on the lower left of the steering column (see photo 76)."
Sven Golly (20 May, 2013) Reply
"You were only drinking diet soda."
rosniw (21 May, 2013) Reply
here's mine:
Part I
i don't get it.
Sloglub (21 May, 2013) Reply
" 'Oh no,' said the rememberer "
Guess that means no biography for me eh?
823 (21 May, 2013) Reply
There is no sentence. Just a whole-page-big photo of a horse covered by hoarfrost,
it guy (24 May, 2013) Reply
"After you (as an administrator) changed the password for a user by using the internal
http:// URL, if you logged on using the external https:// URL, BMC Remedy Mid Tier
redirected you to the http:// URL without allowing you to continue the session."
Alex (24 May, 2013) Reply
"So well intended, and yet so insulting,"
Mr3 (26 May, 2013) Reply
"...a deep love and reverence for all that is"
SoanoS (28 May, 2013) Reply
The thirteenth name is tutu.
Cool! (28 May, 2013) Reply
"It would seem that when either woman or cup is abused, attempts are made to remove them from the realms to which they have been lent."
i had a dictionary (7 Jun, 2013) Reply
covered with bark
Interesting (8 Jun, 2013) Reply
According to the first sentence on page 45 of my book, I am a bacterium...SO TRUE...o_O
POTTER FAN (10 Jun, 2013) Reply
"Hang on" blurted Harry, "What about my punishment?" (Prisoner of Azkaban)
p45 (11 Jun, 2013) Reply
"Laura and her mother both smiled"
this makes no sense (23 Jun, 2013) Reply
Fairly Accurate (1 Jul, 2013) Reply
"Your next destination is Oreburgh City, but first you'll have to travel along Route 203 and battle your rival."
Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple ed4 (9 Jul, 2013) Reply
"Patients complain of an acutely painful red swollen joint with decreased range of motion"
yeah,sounds about right.
Name (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
Back at the lodge, you're treated for exposure and put to bed. --Choose Your Own Adventure #42: The Mystery of Echo Lodge
Michelle (1 Sep, 2013) Reply
Even as he lobbed a set of robes, two spell books, and a packet of crisps across the room, the doorbell rang - HP5
Phantastikgirlande (7 Sep, 2013) Reply
Yeah ... that's pretty much it.=_=
:D (11 Jan, 2014) Reply
Yet somehow she felt calmer than she ever had in Harrenhal.
marko (23 Jan, 2014) Reply
"Haymitch has never mentioned his personal experience in the arena to me" So truuuuue
Confused Panda (7 Feb, 2014) Reply
"It's not uncommon"...i guess that means my life isn't uncommon :/ lol
Ed (4 Mar, 2014) Reply
We've now set up a framework within which we can explore quantum theory in detail.
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