Latest French fashion
Summer 2013 collection.
Latest French fashion
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LandLord (16 May, 2013) Reply
Why do you think this is French fashion? Maybe Italian or... I dunno... American?
Capt not so Obvious (16 May, 2013)
Well there's a little thing called menu board right behind that French clown. And it is in… French! And why this is not, I dunno, Canada? Well, let’s just say that Renault didn’t export much Laguna Grand Tours to Canada. So… this is France.
Illys (16 May, 2013)
Maybe because the photo was taken in France? The menu behind the weird guy seems to be in french...
As a french, I sure hope this guy is from Quebec or Switzerland or any other french speaking country...
Sherlock (16 May, 2013)
Maybe because the Menu behind him is in french.
cultur (16 May, 2013)
the architecture shows a minimum of culture. so america is excluded. the price niveau fits euro niveau. carlsberg umbrella could be anywhere. scooters are very common in southern europe. from the gayness of the guy i would say france.
Neverhood (16 May, 2013)
So we agree this is France. But how do we know for sure that this freak is French? He might be as well a tourist. From outer space probably, but just a tourist.
LogiC (16 May, 2013)
The ungodly amount of scooters too. Americans are too fat for scooters.
Iron Hippo (16 May, 2013)
But there is no dog-cr@p on the sidewalk. So not France, right?
Yosko (16 May, 2013)
@Iron Hippo: ah ah, so true and so sad at the same time
Capt not so Obvious (16 May, 2013)
@Iron Hippo:
No dog-cr@p? How could you miss that big white furry thing in the middle of the picture?
Sturmi (16 May, 2013)
@Neverhood: Or a terrorist.
Nyu (16 May, 2013) Reply
The restaurant menu is in french. Could be Belgium or Switzerland though...
EUROCRacK (16 May, 2013) Reply
the sign has french on it. italy would have even narrower roads. and that would be a burger king if it was in the us..
ShortDump (16 May, 2013) Reply
I am at least once a week in France and I see this kind of thing all the time.
Troud'balle (16 May, 2013)
Well I see this kind of crap once a week and I live in France. So it is probably walking around in this outfit.
SWE (16 May, 2013) Reply
So that's (16 May, 2013) Reply
A real picture of Euro.
Anomuumi (16 May, 2013) Reply
Well, the French being the bold and innovative in fashion (I bought a French car, Clio (Gen. IV), because it is just so nicely designed outside and inside) there is bound to be some misses too :) Mostly, I don't care if this guy just wants to be clad like silly --- it is HIS problem and he seems to be ok with it :)
Old Guy (16 May, 2013) Reply
I'll bet that costume is HOT in the summer - and it's titled as Summer fashion.
Cynical Sam (16 May, 2013) Reply
Made from genuine interstellar Tribble pelts.
Oh, Girl. (16 May, 2013) Reply
Oh, girllll. Where you be gettin that fur? And let me just say that your hat is fab-u-lous. Workin it!
FUR REAL (16 May, 2013) Reply
It's a poodle
FUR REAL (16 May, 2013) Reply
My bad.....I just put my glasses on and realized it's just some weirdo in a poodle costume.
You can tell it's France... (17 May, 2013) Reply
...because if you look closely you'll see a German finger pointing him the way out :p
It's official (17 May, 2013) Reply
Eatliver has passed HELL about a mile back.
J.F.C. (18 May, 2013) Reply
It's not even Memorial Day.
House (20 May, 2013) Reply
He´s in France but the luggage he's carrying tells me he's a tourist. Or a cotton swab.
Ogoboso (20 May, 2013) Reply
And not a single **** was given.
eperformax (23 May, 2013) Reply
how is that possible?
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