You can stop this
Just few dollars can make a huge difference.
You can stop this
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euRO's brother (13 May, 2013) Reply
Does it work with euros too?
Captain Monies (13 May, 2013)
Euros don't come in a smaller banknote than 5eur. Unless you want to use coins. In both cases it will take more than "a few euros".
Captain BTC (13 May, 2013)
Yes, but it doesn't work with bitcoins.
EUro (13 May, 2013)
I'm quite big. I could cover the screen alone.
HardTruth (13 May, 2013) Reply
Yay! Let's feed poor African kid. In 10 years we'll have 8 more to feed.
brit_girl (13 May, 2013)
why would feeding them slow down the birth rate????
HardTruth (13 May, 2013)
*Sigh* I meant that for every fed kid there's going to be 8 more in the future.
And she meant... (13 May, 2013)
...that 8 per kid was a rather low birth rate. A sarcastic short circuit I suppose.
Biologist (13 May, 2013)
It's a sad truth that in any biological population you will always have some individuals existing at the fringe.
HardTruth (13 May, 2013)
Sarcasm short circuit indeed. Apologies. Monday I guess.
Reality (13 May, 2013)
None of the donations will ever make it to hungry African children. The money or supplies will be intercepted by the local dictator or warlord and given to their mercenaries.
brit_girl (13 May, 2013) Reply
i could, but....i'm not ganna
Wasted dollars. (13 May, 2013) Reply
I mean those two bills on the left part of the screen.
NO (14 May, 2013) Reply
you just stole this one from sarah silverman
hamza (9 Jun, 2013) Reply
no i cant
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