The good old days of gaming
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casual (9 May, 2013) Reply
The good old days when you spent 100 dollars in quarters to beat a game.
orlee008 (9 May, 2013)
i dunno about you but i used to beat Mortal Combat with 25 cents!
DefenderRuled (9 May, 2013)
But at least my name was on the #1 on the top scores. Yours wasn't.
Ah, (9 May, 2013)
I see that you, as well, have beaten D&D arcade.
hsdhhusr (9 May, 2013) Reply
nice v neck dad
Bobby (17 May, 2013)
Dad -> Hipster Barista
anatnom_ynot (9 May, 2013) Reply
Arcades are more enjoyable still
Stachio (9 May, 2013) Reply
Ah childhood, If I hadn't spent mine locked in a small water tank then I would totally have been playing arcade games.
At least.. (11 May, 2013) Reply
You get something for the arcade. A lot of add-on content barely is worth a dollar.
Dentros (13 May, 2013) Reply
You also had social interaction in the arcade. None of this faceless interaction that turns all these kids into trolls and tough guys who ****** your mom last night. I had more fun at the arcade than I do with all the high tech shit i own. and its not the same downloading a MAME.
me reyna (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
im happy that didn't make sence to me
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