Don't forget to send her a check every month too.
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Haha (7 May, 2013) Reply
I am the most successful ex husband ever because when I got divorced I was too broke for her to take anything but the couch and tv.
turmus (7 May, 2013)
Don't celebrate too early, they may take your future income too.
Hah (8 May, 2013)
When I was married my net worth was zero and now I'm worth 3 times that much. So sue away
brit_girl (7 May, 2013) Reply
first to post woop woop!
brit_girl (13 May, 2013)
@ myself. owwwwwwwwww :(
Gravdigr (7 May, 2013) Reply
Truthiest statement EVAH.
Pedant_Brit (7 May, 2013) Reply
Actually, it's spelt 'cheque'. How comes you 'Mericans forgot how to spell on the boat across to the new world?
Double Pedant (7 May, 2013)
It should say "How come " and also These guys are not Mericans, they colonials.
Single with money in the bank (7 May, 2013) Reply
Renting is cheaper.
Salzigtal (8 May, 2013)
Remember what Charlie Sheen said, "I don't pay hookers to come to my house, I pay them to leave."
Boudica (7 May, 2013) Reply
"Cut out the man, and invest your time and energy in your own success." Number of ex-husbands I put through college: 1. Number of ex-husbands who, to this day, work janitorial: 1. Number of degrees I've earned since I dropped his sorry ***: 4. (Just in case you wondered, dollars he paid in alimony: 0.)
brit_girl (13 May, 2013)
what is alimony? coz i really dont understand it
man (8 May, 2013) Reply
If I was married for this beautiful thing for only seven days and then got divorced and poor - man, I'm sure it was worth every one of these days (if she let you on if you know what I mean). Yolo swag!
other side of the coin (16 May, 2013) Reply
I had a teacher who always corrected my spelling because I do it the British way and I found it very annoying. They are different and they are both correct.
smooth G (14 Jan, 2014) Reply
i don't get that? btw my gf is pretty rich and i think you do something wrong, gentlemen :)
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