Well... I guess...
We'll never find out who did this.
Well... I guess...
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reality check (7 May, 2013) Reply
Worst eatliver pic EVER!!! So that's it folks, the end of humour on the internet. I'ts all over now... nothing to see hear... move on...
LandLord (7 May, 2013)
Let me guess... You have a cat, right?
reality check (7 May, 2013)
@LandLord... HELL NO!! Cats are nothing but moving targets for honing sniper skills... that and dim sims
Grammar nazi (7 May, 2013)
Did you mean "nothing to see here"?
DaMann (7 May, 2013)
He meant nothing to see or hear here, see?
Grammar Daimyo (7 May, 2013)
Did you mean, "dim sum?"
javi (10 May, 2013)
I see why this is not funny. In reality you did this.
jim mcfalls (7 May, 2013) Reply
euRO (7 May, 2013) Reply
I know who did this - Denver!!!
On the bright side (8 May, 2013)
He heels much better than Fenton.
Hrodgard (7 May, 2013) Reply
Hahe Eatliver :D
On the side is written 'leverpastei' which is Dutch for liver pate :)
Enter 778 here: (7 May, 2013)
You win the internet!!
Dear Blind People (7 May, 2013) Reply
WTF is wrong with that dog's leg???
Moi. (7 May, 2013)
Nothing, its just sitting funny. My dog does it too, looks hilarious, like it's bum's too big to sit square on. :D
Blonde Patrol (8 May, 2013) Reply
I think "reality check" is the dog in the picture
I Still Live With My Mom (9 May, 2013) Reply
I think it was that dog
Matt (10 May, 2013) Reply
poor dog looks so guilty!
hug it
JibbaJabba (11 May, 2013) Reply
That dumb dog in the picture did it. What retard spent time making this jokeless waste of time?
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