Cleaning the bathroom "Like the Queen of England is visiting"
He did exactly as he was told.
Cleaning the bathroom
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z0mg (3 May, 2013) Reply
comment not related!!!!!1111one
turmus (3 May, 2013)
Shift key is modifier. Modifier keys are like parentheses, they need to come first and go last. That is all I am going to teach you today. Go practice!!!11
We will give you a win for the post (3 May, 2013)
But a fail for a lame comment
s (3 May, 2013) Reply
not funny. 9gag-tier joke
Joke police (3 May, 2013)
Being called 9gag-tier is the worst insult ever. You are overreacting here, sir.
m (3 May, 2013)
Nah, it's just this is like the third time I've see it on this site alone.
Joke police (3 May, 2013)
Provide the links to 2 other posts then.
No more to say. (3 May, 2013) Reply
Total victory. I raise my hat to you, sir.
British_Bulldog (3 May, 2013) Reply
Actually it's a pointless excersise old bean, as our Majesty would never expel wind or empty her bowels within earshot of mere Mericans.
Her majesty's a pretty nice girl (3 May, 2013) Reply
Just don't bring that twit Prince Charlie with you.
No Such Person (3 May, 2013) Reply
as the "Queen of England".
nitpicker (12 May, 2013)
she is the queen of the cuntry of london with holiday mansion homes all over britain
Prince Phillip (3 May, 2013) Reply
muuumurr... How can one be expected to wipe oneself with only a Harry Potter book? Where do you think one lives, India? The royal behind only accepts the works of Shakespeare, Hardy and Wodehouse as toilet paper.
Hmm (4 May, 2013) Reply
English tend to drink black tea ... not orange, white or ginger ..
cambrius (5 May, 2013)
British people almost never take their tea black. Black tea is generally considered hideously pretentious. Exceptions are made for dieters, the lactose intolerant, those who like exotic teas like Lapsang, and students. There are even a few of us who don't drink tea at all, believe it or not.
flib (5 May, 2013) Reply
America, we need to have a serious conversation about what you refer to as "tea"....
alex_harvey_band (5 May, 2013)
Right, lets have a tea party somewhere next week then. - how does Boston sound to you?
small_arms (5 May, 2013)
@flid - Thats Boston, Lincilnshire of course. ;-)
Billy_the_nice_person (6 May, 2013)
@small_arms, How very rude! - you know full well 'Flid' is an English slang term for a person with small arms. :-(
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