Why guys shouldn't do car commercials
Let's leave car ads to women, they just do it better.
Why guys shouldn't do car commercials
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Huh? (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
This shouldn't be "why guys shouldn't do car commercials doing effeminate poses." Guys can do car commercials. Usually the guy is driving the car, loading the truck up with something, etc.
ok (29 Apr, 2013)
keep your smartass comments to yourself please
On-Wii (29 Apr, 2013)
@Huh?: Exactly right! It's "Why Guys Shouldn't Act Effeminate".
ClassyLady (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
Shouldn't? I'd buy a beat up car if it's covered in dudes. My only criticism is that they're not wearing skirts.
I agree with Classy Lady (29 Apr, 2013)
and I adore men with a fun sense of humor.
Oh, but it's... (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
...yet another photo shoot of guys posing just like girls did somewhere else. So innovative, so fresh. Thanks for existing, internet.
Hard up guy (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
You know, I find it easier to get a date on the weekend, if you go both ways. Just sayin.
WTF (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
Enough. This AGAIN?
Ugh... (30 Apr, 2013) Reply
British Model is an oxy moron. Those birds are dogs. Bird-dogs. You can blame the Vikings, they snagged up every good looking brit and removed the pretty genes from Whales and gave them to the Sweds.
@ Ugh (30 Apr, 2013)
I see the Vikings picking out the pretty Whales and giving them to the Swedes. That is so much funnier than the Vikings picking out the pretty Welsh genes from Wales.
TIFFANY TAYLOR (30 Apr, 2013) Reply
BikerDude (30 Apr, 2013) Reply
This should be why guys shouldn't pose like ****.
Ben (11 May, 2013) Reply
i'm suddenly in the mood for sausage
Robbed Norwegian (12 May, 2013) Reply
Those Eastern Europeans....
Christy (20 May, 2013) Reply
Can we retry this with hot guys in speedos? And maybe doing male poses instead of girly ones?
MrPP (29 Jun, 2013) Reply
speedo men or in short shorts that are sexy ... sounds good to me! but these guys are out. Please...
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