Freudian slip
It's when you say one thing and...
Freudian slip
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Jolly Brit (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Psychotherapy is rubbish. It just doesn't work.
Me (7 Apr, 2013)
It does work, Tom. It might even help you get Katie back.
Cynical Sam (8 Apr, 2013)
That's open for debate; I mean, "Your Mama!"
Educated (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Freud failed to help any of his patients.
Lenartalot (7 Apr, 2013)
but you have to think about their moms!
Pointy shoes (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
You mean like Moochelle saying she's a hard working single mom.
Me (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
I had a Freudian slip last night. I meant to say "pass the salt darling" but I said "I wish you were dead you pig - you've ruined my life!"
You (7 Apr, 2013)
That's an easy mistake to make. Don't beat yourself off on that.
Oedipus (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Psychotherapy works very well indeed, for shrink's bank account
brit_girl (11 Apr, 2013)
and for stupid people! dont forget the placebo effect!
Cultivated joke. (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
I don't belong here. Get me out of the internetz. People already know everything here, so please take me back to Schools and Universities.
RestOfTheWordl (8 Apr, 2013) Reply
Freud is about psycho analysis you dull american fool.
PHYCOtheropist (8 Apr, 2013) Reply
Take a look at these pictures from Eatliver. Tell me, what do you see?
LandLord (8 Apr, 2013)
I see your mom in every picture. What should I do, doc?
Your Mom (17 Apr, 2013)
I find this very disturbing. LandLord, stop obsessing over me.
Mark (30 May, 2013) Reply
I love this! Only I think I would switch the bottom two pictures and have the pregnant pause before his final comment!
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