How to troll your co-workers
Please do try this at work.
How to troll your co-workers
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LandLord (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
If I try this at work, they will fire me.
Virus (7 Apr, 2013)
walking around your office with no trousers or shoes on? no wonder they would fire you.
Laura (7 Apr, 2013)
Isn't that discrimination? My sense of fashion shouldn't be a legitimate reason to fire me!
Zombie Adolf (8 Apr, 2013)
Should'nt you be in the kitchen?
Cap (8 Apr, 2013)
Shouldn't you be in your bunker?
Prew (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
I did this at work a few years ago, it scared the hell out of the lone worker on the night shift.
Frenchman (7 Apr, 2013)
Lemme guess: you're now unemployed, right?
The Lone Wonderer (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Did this at work a couple of months ago to counter a co-worker who was going in there every 30 minutes as a way to celibrate 10 more minutes every hour.
Got him, and my boss startled.
We all had a good laugh and -I- am still working at the same place...
Anon (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Hey! There's a quarter on the floor!
Michae B. S. K. (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
That toiletbrush sure looks tasty... using it would make the toliet dirty... but i like the fact that if you make a real big mess , one can always use the mop...
سگ شکاری (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Something should be done with smells, for extra realism.
Meh.. (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Unless they also lock the door not many of my co-workers would fall for this one.
Mostly because they don't pay attention and just jiggle the door instead of paying attention..
SpongeBob OvalPants (9 Apr, 2013)
Yeah that's the point... You're supposed to lock the door, crawl out underneath.
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