Cheer up! Have some Happy Gum!
...for your crappy life.
Cheer up! Have some Happy Gum!
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Offended Rob (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
Krii (5 Apr, 2013)
...and take my money!!!
alan parker (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
my life is very crappy
why else would i come to this website 7 days a week
when you only post pictures 3 times
LandLord (4 Apr, 2013)
To ready my witty comments.
cambrius (4 Apr, 2013)
And to read Anons' witty comments...
faroutman (4 Apr, 2013)
@LandLord: So what exactly are we getting your comments ready for? The next Tim Allen Christmas movie? A 2 hour monologue on toothpaste by Jerry Seinfeld? Al Gore doing a stand up bit on climate change. What?
Feedly (4 Apr, 2013)
Why don't you use feedly?
@cambrius (4 Apr, 2013)
Sometimes I just look for pictures with any hint of a political undertone, just so I can read how terrible liberals are from anon :p
Cambrius (4 Apr, 2013)
Lol, I know... I like the Trotskyite Anarchist stuff the best.
Notch Johnson (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
This gum knows me!
pdizzle (29 May, 2013) Reply
it doesnt work
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?