In case of fire do not use elevator
Use water.
In case of fire do not use elevator
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Dramalama (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
orlee008 (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
is that what i was doing wrong? dammit!
I know (2 Apr, 2013)
I know! All this time I thought I was doing the right thing, throwing elevators at fires!
faroutman (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Hopefully it will be an electrical fire.
Gravdigr (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Should read: In Case Of Fire GTFO!
Merry Hobb (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
So OBE and 5 minutes ago, heat senor buttons went out in the 70's.
Proffessor Kliener (3 Apr, 2013) Reply
I have a good friend who tried to use an elevator during a fire, well it was very much like a fire but, long story short, some people got killed and the friend... well, he hasn't said a word since.
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